Dangerous Wildlife

Dangerous Wildlife

This is a discussion on Dangerous Wildlife within the Bushcraft - Primitive Skills - Survival Skills - Camping forums, part of the Related Topics category; What types of things can you do to keep dangerous wildlife out of your camp at any part of the day or night . Will ...

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Thread: Dangerous Wildlife

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    Dangerous Wildlife

    What types of things can you do to keep dangerous wildlife out of your camp at any part of the day or night . Will fire do it ?

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    Dangerous Wildlife

    Nothing is foolproof, but here are some tips.

    1. Fire
    2. Dispose of uneaten scraps outside of campsite
    3. Keep uneaten food outside of campsite (hung in a stuff-sac from a tree)
    4. If you really want to be careful, cook on a fire away from your sleeping area (I don't do this).

    This won't necessarily keep out annoying critters, like skunks and raccoons, especially if you are camping at a popular campground. Many people leave stuff out, and the animals are used to people.
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    I read somewhere that if a skunk takes up residence under your house, to put a radio playing rock music under the house and it will drive them out and they won't be back.
    I would think that if you've got a serious wildlife in your camp problem, playing any kind of music might keep the wolves at bay. Kind of defeats the whole purpose of camping IMO, but if it works it's better than the alternative.

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    I do leave a fire going when tent camping in bear country. I THINK while the fire is blazing, and there is human activity going on, that bears at least dont come into the camp area.

    However, when the flames go down, bears have most certainly come into my camp. I keep a clean camp area, no food scraps, no ice chests outside, OR inside tents. The ice chests go in the car when not in active use. And in come the black bears, anyway.

    I have had the sides of my tent bowed in by bears, bears walk within a foot of the tent, you name it, BUT, no bear attacks, no claws through the tent, or anything like that.

    During one worrisome episode, when the bear seemed to REALLY want to get in my tent, (loud growling, pawing at the tent), and maybe at me and mine, I had a pistol aimed at it thru the tent, ready to let loose if it started coming in. But it moved on.

    All these events occurred in the Smokey Mtns.
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    Keep soap, shampoo, hand lotion and anything with similar scents in a stuff-sack up in a tree. Food is keep away also, as well as food debris which should be burnt and buried. Keep tents zipped up and closed.

    For the most part, there are no "dangerous" animals "out there" to worry about. Bear wisdom is good - go to the Colorado Department of Wildlife for Bear tips. Here: http://wildlife.state.co.us/Educatio...ivingWith.aspx

    Never never never feed wild animals.
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    Rooster Cogburn put a lariat rope around his campsite. Lebeouf- "That's a piece of foolishness, everyone knows the snakes are asleep this time of year" Cogburn-"They've been known to wake up".

    Plenty of good advice for the camp site, and outside it:

    We have a few black bears here, though I've never seen one - I'd give them plenty of space, and if she had cubs I'd give her plenty of space pretty fast.

    Snakes/alligators- The snakes could just about be anywhere. Eyeballs and caution needed for them. Me swimming around resident alligators isn't going to happen. Also, I don't like to think about walking along a water edge and accidentally getting between a mama gator and her ground nest. She'll be heading to the water in a bad mood and I don't want to be in her way and get bit in the buttocks on the run. Eyeballs and caution needed for them too.

    Cougars- Despite what LDWF says, we have them here, though rare to see them. They probably just retreat or secretly watch us as we pass.

    Bad cattle- Technically not wildlife, but they can run you down and hurt you just as well. I quickly sell anything that acts too aggressively. I don't promote their bad behavior, they gotta leave from here.

    Wild hogs- They are fairly new around here and of course problematic. They seem to retreat pretty well, but I wouldn't want to tangle with one FTF. I don't know their behavior as well as other folks do, but any mammals with babies can/will be bad.

    Bigfoot- LOL. If he exists, I hope we can pass each other unmolested, though I doubt my pants would remain "unscathed".

    So using my eyeballs and caution I can avoid most stuff. I sometimes go metal detecting or hiking and OC a S&W Model 19, the first round is a shotshell purposefully ready for snakes. Granted I don't try to shoot every snake in sight, but if I'm going to be in some area for a good while, the poisonous one's there just might get eliminated. It just depends.

    The other five shots are .357 they are for my whatever, and of course that might be two-legged as well
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    Use common sense... everything so far has been good advice, but you are forgetting the impoirtant thing everyone forgets. YOU ARE IN THEIR HOME!!!!! you are not welcome by them, just as a BG is not welcome in your home. You can do anyhting and everything under the sun and still have dangerous animals in your camp. Select a good campsite, keep it clean, and dont forget who runs the local food chain.
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    To old to camp :) pretty safe at four seasons

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    Above all, never, ever leave food stamps lying around....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Badey View Post
    4. If you really want to be careful, cook on a fire away from your sleeping area (I don't do this).
    Had a very large and aggressive black bear deal with all our gear, once, when we'd failed to adhere to this good piece of advice. Lesson learned ... along with the sting of ~$1K in equipment destroyed and a back country trip cut short.

    Funny how the smells from cooked foods can permeate everything ... the tent, your hands, your clothing, and everything else inside the tent. Even long after you've gotten done cleaning up after the cooking. To a lesser extent, even without cooking. Caution is due, if in their territory.
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    Do not set up a "pee perimeter" thinking that will keep the wild beasties at bay.
    I saw Les Stroud do that in one of his survival shows and that is not really good advice.
    Animals are curious regarding all scents and they will OFTEN come to investigate.
    Bears that are already acclimated to humans can associate people pee with a possible people food source through learned behavior.
    AKA People peed here, people may have left food here.
    In Africa a pee perimeter is absolutely no deterrent and I can't imagine that it would be any different here.

    In the interest of fairness there are differing opinions as to the effectiveness of the pee perimeter. The vast majority of the folks saying that it is either NOT a deterrent or that it does absolutely nothing to deter or that it it is a possible attractant.

    Far fewer believe that it is some sort of deterrent.

    My Advice...Don't do it and then you don't have to wonder either way. It will be a non concern.

    Get rid of your personal human waste well away from your campsite.

    Also...consider toothpaste to be in the food category with regard to being an attracting scent.
    Do not spit toothpaste in your campsite area.
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    Qk great advice on the toothpaste! We have usually not taken that into account and would brush teeth and spit in campsite. We usually camp in a campground which seems to minimize some animal activity as it is still a large group of humans

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    Great Pyrenees?

    There was the dog, facing off with a black bear right next to the fire pit, where Eric had been standing only moments before. The dog kept pressure on the bear. She was pushing the bear back. The dog was constantly moving, constantly darting in and out, and constantly barking and snarling. There was no indication of fear. She was systematically charging and retreating, and pushing the bear away. At one point the bear took a swipe at her, and hit her, but she did not falter. She lunged and got in even closer. I could not believe what I was seeing. This was the gentle giant that lies at my feet. This was the docile creature that sits by the door and awaits my return when I walk to the mail box. The beast before me kept forcing the bear back into the woods. She was a fierce and ferocious dog. I could not take my eyes off her. It was as if she had been trained to do this. I believe that she became such a nuisance that the bear decided to leave. The bear was obviously much bigger and stronger, but the sheer DETERMINATION of this dog was the determining factor. At least that is what I think. I have never seen anything like it. My grandson was in harm’s way, and the family dog saved him. As a matter of fact, that dog saved ALL of the kids that night. I would have never thought she would do that. After she drove the bear off, France returned to the property and trotted up and down the tree line. Her tail was erect and her head was high. She continued to patrol up and down for several minutes until Nana noticed she was bleeding. Then we all coaxed her to come up to the deck. The kids were upset to see that the dog was hurt. Luckily, it wasn’t serious. I have newfound respect and gratitude for this dog.

    Or maybe these guys
    Attached Images
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    I often take my AKC Registered German Shepherd & my pitbull/boxer mix along on camping trips. While there certainly are wild critters that COULD get past 'em, they'd have to really, REALLY...want to!
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    Dangerous Wildlife

    Here is a tough putty cat!

    No Bow Wow would help you with that cat!

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