How about water filtration systems?

How about water filtration systems?

This is a discussion on How about water filtration systems? within the Bushcraft - Primitive Skills - Survival Skills - Camping forums, part of the Related Topics category; The one I am currently lusting for is this: Katadyn Vario Water Filter :: Heard good things about it from several people. Looks portable ...

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Thread: How about water filtration systems?

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    How about water filtration systems?

    The one I am currently lusting for is this:

    Katadyn Vario Water Filter ::

    Heard good things about it from several people. Looks portable and sturdy.

    What's everyone else like?
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    I had a Pur scout ages ago. Great filter, they quit making it though. Went to iodine for a while in tabs and Polar Pur, OK if you can deal with the aftertaste. Can't beat if for weight. Used MSR's in the scouts, they suck. Now I have a Katadyn Hiker Pro and love it.
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    IN a crisis if I have to filter water I will use a large doulton gravity filter and (2) 5 gallon buckets.. then I will boil it in a large pot. It will have to be good enough. If I cant do that, I will use a lifestraw
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    We have a Berkey Light water filter system Berkey Water Filter Systems - Browse Our Selection
    We also just purchased some extra filters...good to go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TN_Mike View Post
    The one I am currently lusting for is this:

    Katadyn Vario Water Filter ::

    Heard good things about it from several people. Looks portable and sturdy.

    What's everyone else like?
    I have one of these in every bag (5 total) and have been very pleased with it.
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    Have never used it, but have a few lifestraws

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    For the bug out bag, I have a Katadyn Pocket Microfilter.

    Katadyn Pocket - Katadyn Products Inc.

    It's pricey, but has a lifetime warranty

    For use at home, I have a Berkey
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    I have a Katydyn Hiker, a Seychelle water straw, and I have a Crystal Quest inline system added to my fridge that filters out most everything including fluoride.
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    Use two five gallon buckets 4 gravity filters just get food grade buckets it will make 10 thousand gallons

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    Just an alternative.

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    I have a Katydyn Hiker Pro stashed in a BOB (really a Get Home Bag) and a couple of years ago I bought a Propur water purification system for home. The website I first went to had advertisements for the BigBerkey systems, and I ordered one, but then received a message that they no longer carried the Berkeys but were carrying Propurs instead. They asked if I still wanted to order. I called the individual, discussed the situation with him, and ordered the Propur unit. I'm VERY pleased with it. We have lousy tasting city water and I have the unit sitting on the end of my kitchen counter and use it to filter all my drinking water. The one I have holds 2.5 gallons. I fill a couple of Nalgene bottles and keep them in the refrigerator. My wife will drink nothing but Ice Mountain brand bottled water. She swears she can tell the difference in taste between the different brands of bottled water! As long as it is cold, I can't tell the difference between any bottled water and the water from my Propur unit. And if TSHIF, I can filter creek water, rain gutter water, etc. and have perfectly safe water to drink.

    If anyone is interested, here is the website for Propur that I bookmarked a couple of years ago. They show a chart with a comparison of their units to their competitors units. The Propur does have some advantages over the Berkey units, which are more well known.

    Just my .02.
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