TOP GEAR MERCEDES BENZ 6X6 AMG G63 Top Gear TV show out of UK check this out.

Longer than Range Rover.
5.5L Engine with twin fuel tanks.
Overhead Switches Control Fuel Tank Transfer.
Tire Pressure can be lowered for soft ground maneuvering.
Fording Capability of 1 meter.
3.75 Tons.
Four Doors.
Full Leather Interior.
0 to 60 in 6 Seconds.
Military type 43 inch Off Road Tires.
Currently just 2 built worldwide.
376,000 Pounds Sterling.
Comes In Black.

The goober who drove this truck kept calling it a car. This brute will hit 60 in 6 seconds. Fully maneuverable down 60% grade. Driver took it through a water slide park full of swimmers and gawkers. Only 2 have been built thus far. This Monster would crush a US Humvee. Perfect for Saturday Night at the Drive Inn theater.

No quick links folks...Google it in 3 seconds I'd bet. YT video of 17 minutes 23 seconds check vid @ 11:54.

Top Gear; Mercedes Benz AMG 6x6 G63 Dubai Abu Dubai UAE.