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Mugging at gas station ATM

This is a discussion on Mugging at gas station ATM within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Do what you believe you have to do, just one piece of advice from me. Whatever you do, just do it. Personally whoever said carry ...

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Thread: Mugging at gas station ATM

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    Do what you believe you have to do, just one piece of advice from me.

    Whatever you do, just do it.

    Personally whoever said carry the cash or go into the store and buy a pack of gum or whatever. I never use ATM machines, plan ahead, go to the bank ahead or the store ahead of time, never use an ATM machine outdoors after dark.
    "I dislike death, however, there are some things I dislike more than death. Therefore, there are times when I will not avoid danger" Mencius"

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    Don't use ATM's in gas stations. The service charge is outrageous and the security is nil. I don't even like bank ATM's after hours, but they are better.
    Go instead to a grocery store or Walmart, buy something small, use your debit card, and get cash back with no service charge.
    I think I would have kicked the perp a few times in the head while waiting for the cops.

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    I will not use ATM machines period.Too people are robbed and killed plus they are a rip off.Go to the grocery store and buy any thing and ask for twenty over when you pay by check or debit card. If yop need more you should have made plans in advance for your night out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Why did his buddy hit him on the head...he should have put a bullet into his drain to taxpayers.IMHO

    As Uncle Ted says, "No repeat offenders, just dead offenders."
    Well, as I noted, the victim was someone i know (the brother of one of my close friends), and his friend was... well not someone I'm really fond of, even though he did get my friend out of a tight spot. They are both convicted felons, and have no business being around firearms. When I say he was my friend, I suppose I'm using the term loosely, as he isn't someone I really like to associate with too much, although he is the brother of a close friend, and HIS friend... even though he came to the rescue, just not a good person.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowman23 View Post
    Glad the gun didn't go off when BG was hit on the head.

    What I found strange is that an ATM is outside the gas station.

    ...but still strange that it's outside.
    I was thinking the same things, 1.) that he is extremely lucky the gun didn't go off, or that BG didn't turn around and start shooting, and 2.) why would they even have ATM's outside in these parts of town? Or any part of town??? Seems to me like the worst possible place... Meh.


    I only saw the victim fleetingly when I was told, and didn't get a chance yet to ask what his buddy hit BG in the head with. The guy doing the head-hitting is pretty small, so I would be surprised if it was his bare hands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowman23 View Post
    I saw a identity theft story on the news one evening about BG's dropping fake ATM machines in strategic locations. Most clerks or employees would not question an ATM. These fake ATM's will generally fail to dispense cash and just log your PIN and Card info. Sounds like this one did give him some cash...but still strange that it's outside.
    A better Scam is that since most people withdraw from a ATM only$20-$40 at a time. These ATM's do dispense cash. Once you swipe your card and enter the pin you are done. All your info is captured and machine spits out the money and you are on your way. The money is paid back 100 fold.

    Now you go for grab and get BG gun do you shoot him with his gun or draw your own. You do not know for sure the BG weapon is real or working.

    Is this clean shoot now BG is disarmed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by goldshellback View Post
    Taken completly by suprise there's not much else to do. Bark'n's advice was spot on.....unless your 100% into the moment and ready to act on your training then give up the money and hopefully continue breathing.

    I practice drawing and am confident in that ability. Under duress with a gun to my head is something else.
    That is a pretty child in your avatar, do her a favor and don't try to draw against a drawn gun. You will lose PERIOD. I don't care what anyone on here says.

    There are techniques you can use to give your self time to draw if you choose to but just a draw will NOT beat a gun in your chest. Don't not even try it. EVER.

    Get some training, then you will know what you can and can't do.
    You may now carry on with your absurd non-directional bantering.

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    When dealing with a very close, smell his bad breath, BG check out this.

    YouTube - Ruger and KelTec Part II
    I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness,
    nor the arrow for its swiftness,
    nor the warrior for his glory.
    I love only that which they defend.
    -J.R.R. Tolkien

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    Quote Originally Posted by andyw328 View Post
    Where do you think one might be able to find training on CQC disarm techniques? I.e. I'm in MI, where might be a good place to look?
    If you are willing to drive a little, look at Dragon Academy in Livonia. In my opinion its the best martial arts place in Michigan....They teach Aiki-Jitsu (mix of Aikido and Jui-Jitsu), Krav Maga, and Tae Kwan Do. Also, on different days they have classes on gun and knife disarming, among others. Their website is Dragon Academy .

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    They're both lucky...could have been a bad scene all the way around. It's hard to tell how you would actually react if it happens. Having a gun thrust into your chest or face is a harsh reality and it takes several moments to wrap your mind around the happened to me years ago. Scary stuff. Luckily, the instances I faced in my younger years passed without incident. ATMs to me are like baiting a fishing hole for BGs: money and unsuspecting people distracted by all sorts of things (phone, texts, etc.).
    Know Guns, Know Safety, Know Peace.
    No Guns, No Safety, No Peace.

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    I personally don't use ATMs either. I don't like the service charges, but more importantly I know I'm vulnerable while doing it. The last few times I used one, I used the drive-up ones in well-lit areas.

    I'd think using an ATM at a gas station or even a party store would be particularly risky.
    The first rule of self-defense is to avoid the situation. The second rule is Train and Prepare.

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    You have a credit card, you use it. You do not have enough cash on you remember next time to have enough cash on you by going INTO a bank and cashing a check. ATMs are convenient but, as apparent in this case and many others too numerous to mention, are dangerous and open invitations, not to mention the fact that I worked too hard for my money that I have to pay to get my money. IMO you are asking for trouble at an ATM and there really is no reason to have to use one.

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    At arms length, it's all about the muzzle. Fumble the cash/ATM card/wallet, and get out of the line of fire (aggressively get muzzle control or passively get distance and cover) ... then draw and assess the threat.

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    If he's close enough to put the muzzle on you, your only choice (aside from compliance, i.e. assuming you're about to die) is to go for his gun, not yours. And shift the target away at the same time, if at all possible.
    "Be justified. Blood may be easily wiped from the sword.
    It cannot, however, be put back from where it came." --Quicksabre

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    Let me get this straight, you guys live in Flint,MI and your not armed?? I wouldnt go anywhere near a city in MI without a gun.

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