Healthcare Aftermath.

Healthcare Aftermath.

This is a discussion on Healthcare Aftermath. within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Wasnt sure where to post this, but eh, its a start, and I really to vent. After watching the news coverage last night, I couldnt ...

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Thread: Healthcare Aftermath.

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    Healthcare Aftermath.

    Wasnt sure where to post this, but eh, its a start, and I really to vent.
    After watching the news coverage last night, I couldnt help but feel a bit sick to my stomach to see that this government is one step closer to setting fire to the Constitution and pee'in on the ashes. After we all put our blood, sweat and tears into stopping what very well could be the end of the medical profession/economy/last shred of individual liberties, I cant help but feel this is the beginning of a SHTF scenario where politicians and otherwise well-meaning though misinformed citizens may have a target on their back.

    IN NO WAY AM I CONDONING OR ENCOURAGING VIOLENCE TOWARDS ANYONE. What I'm trying to say is that with this massive disappointment in our elected officials, what can we expect as far as any potential reprisals. There are a certain few who may take this way too far and cause harm to a senator/congressmen. Then what, can we expect an all out ban? crack down or big bother style survielance on websites(like this one), gun shows, gun sales, the repeal of CCW laws? You have to admit, and the proof is in the rhetoric of this administration that this is only the beginning for them. And its becoming less and less likely that the Supreme court will intervene with checks and balance system. So long as this administration has a stable base, if you consider 45% a stable base, they will continue dismantling this country and they will have an audience to cheer them on. With this audience, so goes the perpetuation of the culture war.

    Just last night, I was at the bar (unarmed) with friends and a fist fight broke out over a heated argument of politics and health care. Suffice to say, the party arguing for the conservative side;well-dressed caucasion was pummeled in an unprovoked attack by the liberal; baggy-pants African American. (If you want to be PC). LEO's were called as the bouncers broke it up and the attacker went to jail as he should have, and the victim went to the hospital with what I hope is no more than some broken ribs and a nose. And whats scary about this is that both were relatively sober. How far is this going to go? Had that been a concealed carrier, and the attacker been shot, the press would have a field day. Imagine the headlines,

    Licensed Pistol Carrier Shoots Man Over HealthCare

    And that's all it would take to kick this high gear. I'm honestly scared as to where this country is headed, and scared that the camel is going to break it's back real soon.

    Your thoughts......

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    Is it November yet?
    Semper Fi

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    It will take patience and hard work but Novermber WILL come.
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    I have already let my representative know to start getting his resume together...jus sayin

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    How about a write in vote for Ted Neugent for President.

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    This thread is closed as being to Political.

    There is no way that this thread can stay on a topic related with this forum, so I am closing it.
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