Practicing with closed eyes

Practicing with closed eyes

This is a discussion on Practicing with closed eyes within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; No, I don't mean shooting at targets! I'm referring to practicing walking through your home with your eyes closed. I thought about this last night ...

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Thread: Practicing with closed eyes

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    Practicing with closed eyes

    No, I don't mean shooting at targets! I'm referring to practicing walking through your home with your eyes closed.

    I thought about this last night as I was doing a walk-around my house before going to bed. I was checking windows, doors, etc and I had shut off all the lights. I knew from experience where furniture was and started thinking "could I walk through my house with my eyes closed without bumping into things?"

    Suppose you're awakened in the middle of the night. Room is pitch black, so is the rest of the house. You hear a noise. Instead of turning on a light or flashlight, could you reach for the phone in the dark and dial 911? If you had to move around the house, could you do so in the dark without making noise or bumping into things?

    When we wake up, our night vision should be at maximum, but we could still have a situation of a very dark or pitch-black room or house. Rather than ruin our own night vision by turning on a light, is it a good idea to practice working effectively in the dark?

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    Home owners do have the advantage of knowing the layout of their homes and I assume most can get around in the dark better than BG's. As my bedroom is my saferoom the little lady and I have agreed upon not leaving the room. (We have no kids at this time so that is to my advantage at this time). I do have my cell phone charging beside my nightstand along with my flashlight and firearm. We both know not to turn on the flashlight until needed as to identify the threat. They must come through the living room, past the kitchen, in darkness unless they turn on the lights, to get to our room. We arm ourselves, take cover and will act according to the situation.

    Being able to walk through your house in the dark is a plus and becomes second nature to most I would assume. I always walk through my home in the dark for multiple reasons.

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    I would say that we all can walk around out homes,business and the homes that we grew up in. We dont think about the number of stairs or the distance from the bed to the bathroom. We know were the toilet is.

    Manys years ago I was working on a forklift and I sprayed myself across the eyes with liquid propane. After taking a knee for a few seconds. When I was able to open my eyelids I could not see. I was able to walk from the back of my yard to the front up the stairs into the bathroom like my eyes where open. After washing my eyes with cold water I got vision back in one eye. The other was blurry. The eye Dr told me I got frost bite on my eye ball. After a few weeks vision was back to normal.

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    I can still see in the dark in my home (with adjusted eyes) can't? Being very familiar with the layout helps a lot.
    I also have several night lights around several areas of the house...that helps a lot.
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    Night lights allow me to see everything outside my dark bedroom,in fact anybody breaking in will be at a disadvantage trying to look into my dark bedroom,just before the flash
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    Us "older folks" have no choice

    Of course I can move through the house in the dark. Otherwise I'd have wet floors every morning

    Even though my gun, spare magazine and flashlight are exactly where I can find them in the nightstand, I can always walk around the house without any lights on. (No kids here anymore so no scattered toys/surprises) And, there is no way a BG can sneak in without a)tripping the alarm and/or b)waking the dogs. I know -- I shouldn't write "no way" but I feel comfortable in looking at it that way.

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    You think a house is difficult.... when I was in the Navy, we were blindfolded and had to egress from the berthing compartment to an outside deck. That was a b!t(h. Metal ships are very unforgiving on foreheads and shins.

    But I digress. I have light everywhere, alarm keypads, clocks, thermostat, computers and other silly sources of illumination.

    Practice in all conditions is a good idea.

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    dont forget about the kids ( if you have any)that like to leave stuff on the floor that u might miss...

    or dogs or cats that might drag something on the floor
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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    Night lights allow me to see everything outside my dark bedroom,in fact anybody breaking in will be at a disadvantage trying to look into my dark bedroom,just before the flash
    Good plan ............. until the power goes out!
    What the **** - How did I end up on this soapbox again?!?!?

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