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A Lesson Learned Today

This is a discussion on A Lesson Learned Today within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by SIXTO Yeah, only one... who wears green blazers? Phil Mickelson...

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Thread: A Lesson Learned Today

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    Yeah, only one... who wears green blazers?
    Phil Mickelson

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    if you are looking for a way to carry loosely in a purse or pocket without a holster and want to cover the trigger look here...

    The Malabar Front

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    Yeah, only one... who wears green blazers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spade115 View Post
    Might want to make sure she keeps a knife handy as well, if he was that close reaching for a pistol in a purse might be a bit difficult and a pocket knife clipped to her back pocket might of been easyer to deploy. My girlfriend keeps 3 on her that she carries daily and switches (between the many we have) depending on what she is wearing. Glad nothing happened.
    Deploying any kind of weapon in close quarters (and 3 inches definitely qualifies) is arguably more dangerous to you than to your attacker. At contact distance like that, you're just not going to get a shot off before he can grab your arm/hand, or bury his own knife in your neck for that matter.

    The key is, no one should get that close without setting off all sorts of alarms in you.

    I'm biased but this but close contact is a situation that cries out for dedicated martial arts training. You can respond, with deadly force if need be, without deploying a weapon that is at risk of being taken and used against you.

    My advice, find a good martial arts instructor (notice I didn't say martial arts style) and train, train, train. Don't have time? Make time, because there are just too many occasions where total reliance on "gun fu" isn't enough.
    "Be justified. Blood may be easily wiped from the sword.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bladenbullet View Post
    if you are looking for a way to carry loosely in a purse or pocket without a holster and want to cover the trigger look here...

    The Malabar Front
    That's pretty cool, altho I'd avoid not having a holster in the purse...it enables you to get your hand on your gun, placed correctly, every time (practice!).

    I hope Pax sees this, this is another good accessory for women esp t consider. And we all know how we ladies like the accessories! I'll send her an IM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scgunlover1 View Post
    Thoughts / comments?
    "she began reading the label on something she was thinking about buying"
    When reading labels in the store I put my back to the shelves, even though you will form some tunnel vision reading the label your peripheral vision will catch movement coming down the aisle instead of looking at other clutter on the shelf. The worst I've seen a shelf do is leave a little dust on my back, I'll take that to someone getting the drop on me.

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    I still don't like purse carry. We have a friend who was walking to her car when a car pulled up, grabbed her purse and drove off. If she had a gun (she doesn't), it would be gone with the purse. That and the fact that my wife can't find her cell phone half the time and the gun won't be ringing when she needs to find it.

    Is it wrong of me to hope that sometime my wife has a scary but not harmful event like this so that she'll finally get it? I sometimes think that will be the only way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 9MMare View Post
    btw, I dont have to dig thru my purse for my gun. It's in an attached holster in a special zippered section. When I feel the need, like at nite in parking lots, I'll even leave that zipper open. I can even have my hand on my gun as I walk.

    Does she have a purse like this? If not....hubby can take her shoppin'!
    Good grief you have to talk to my mom. Her gun is almost always in her purse. Whats the point of her carrying if she can't get to it.
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