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Funny things that scared you

This is a discussion on Funny things that scared you within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Had a raccoon in the garage the other night making quite a racket. Went downstairs w/ my CZ drawn, felt stupid afterwards as I realized ...

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Thread: Funny things that scared you

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    Had a raccoon in the garage the other night making quite a racket. Went downstairs w/ my CZ drawn, felt stupid afterwards as I realized how many things I did wrong. The adenaline kept me up for a while too.

    On another occasion several years ago, different house, neighborhood was in decline, I did not yet own a gun. One night I see a green laser dot on my ceiling, intermittently, making circles. I was sure some punk was messing w/ me shining it through the window (curtains were not fully drawn). I called 911. It turned out to be a firefly that had flown into the ceiling fan and his remains were pulsing a bit as they spun.
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    [QUOTE=goawayfarm;1587358]The shot I made was literally perfect......I hit him right in the center of his chest. The bullet exited near his shoulder blade. It left a small hole in & a slightly larger hole going out (the bullet had started to tumble). It didn't hit anything vital. The cat survived & today, you would never know he'd ever been shot.....He just hates the sound of gun fire now..............

    I learned a couple of things......Get a BIGGER light & Use hollow-points! (...although the cat's glad I was using ball ammo).....[/I]

    Yeah, not much of a manstopper if you can't take down your CAT with it!

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    Imagine how stupid I felt when I find the Audubon Society Bird Call clock that the previous owners had left in the hall closet.... Every 15 minutes, a birdcall, different bird each hour.

    LOL!!! I had one of those clocks and got rid of it after about a week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by subcool20 View Post I jumped out of bed in only my tighty whities and a shot gun, ran to back door and lowered the gun right at his face....
    So... did he say what he was afraid of?

    My 'break-in' story is a bit different: I was napping and awoke to hear my wife speaking in fairly tense tones, to some male whose voice I didn't recognize, inside our living room. I quickly pulled on some jeans and grabbed my 357 revolver. As I approached the bedroom door I could hear her on the phone with our alarm company, giving the correct 'all clear' code.

    Had there been a gun to her head she's quite bright enough to have given the alarm folks a bogus number, in hopes that they would pretend to accept it and call the cops. The fact that she gave the good number gave me reason to believe that whatever was going on was probably OK, so I left the revolver on the dresser just inside the bedroom door. (Not sure I would do that today, BTW - this happened a couple of decades ago.)

    I popped into the hallway (bearded, scruffy, no shirt, no shoes, but now unarmed) and saw, there in the kitchen standing next to my wife, an armed and serious police officer.

    Turns out my wife had hit the alarm pad's 'I'm being held up' code by accident and the cop had responded to rescue her. He was surely on edge: her denial of a problem could have been due to a bad guy with kids at gunpoint in the back room, for instance.

    All turned out well - and I appreciated his visit. But he and I both agreed that it could have turned out a lot worse. I'm *really* glad I didn't have a revolver in my hand as I popped into his view.
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    About three months ago, my wife and I were sleeping, when around 3:00AM, we hear the sound of glass shattering. Immediately, both of our dogs start going insane, barking. I jump up, grab my pistol and flashlight, while my wife grabs her revolver and cell phone and gets down behind the bed as we have practiced. So, I go to clear the house, the dogs have calmed down, and they are now following me through the house wagging, which I find odd... I get through the whole house, and nothing. No widows broken, I cannot find anything amiss. I go back into the kitchen, my wife comes out of the bedroom, and we are puzzling over it when I go to get a glass of water, and I see the lid to our crockpot in the dish drainer. It has shattered into thousands of little shards. Nothing else was around it. To this day, I still have no idea how it happened. Nevertheless, I am happy that our training kicked in and we didn't just go running out unarmed.
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    around 2am one morning I here someone knocking on my door.....of course not anticipating any visitors I look out my bedroom window to see who it is...but they are standing so close to my door the little bit of brick overhang was concealing them..I live in a duplex with my neighbors door directly next to I thought OK maybe they are knocking on my neighbors I the knocking again...and then I figure either my neighbor inst waking up to answer her door....or they are knocking on my naturally I grab my light and gun and proceed to the door....I hear the knocking again and ask who it is....

    for some reason none of the doors in my neighborhood have peep holes...****ty i after asking who it is...i get no reply...i ask again "who is it???" even reply....I rack my gun and chamber a round "WHO IS IT???!!!" ....all of sudden I heard "it's your neighbor don't shoot!" so i open my door slowly and sure enough it was her...she was so trashed she was accidentally knocking on my door...thinking it was hers. She then proceeded to apologize and then explain she couldn't find her keys and her babysitter wasn't answer...she's a single mother so I then offered her to come inside until the matter was resolved. As we talked for a minute i offered her some water and asked why she didn't answer me the first time? She replied "i didn't want to wake everyone up"...????...i then explained if I'm yelling through my door "who is it" with my gun in my hand..everyone is me

    Funny how the sound of a gun clambering a round gains instant compliance though.
    guns rule

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    Quote Originally Posted by goawayfarm View Post
    The shot I made was literally perfect......I hit him right in the center of his chest. The bullet exited near his shoulder blade. It left a small hole in & a slightly larger hole going out (the bullet had started to tumble). It didn't hit anything vital. The cat survived & today, you would never know he'd ever been shot.....He just hates the sound of gun fire now..............

    You also learned why people say cats have nine lives! I am always amazed at how resilent they are!

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    had been fishing all day - wore out,sun burnt and too dang tired to clean my rods that evening so just stood them up against the privacy fence and figured i would clean them in the morning - there was even still some old bait on a few of the hooks-crashed and burned till about 3am when my german shepperd (astro-god rest his soul) started raising holy hell in the back yard-i woke up to a crashing noise by the fence where i had the poles - so i jumped up grabbed my springer .45 and snuck out through the garage to come up from the other direction form the rods-hit the lights and nothing.....just a barking dog and a pile of rods laying on the ground...except for 1...which was snagged on top of the fence - when i tried to retrieve it i noticed the line was strung out across the front yard....what the??? - so around the front i go dog,gun,light and no shoes...meanwhile my wife had call leo as i ask her to...the line is running clear down the street as far as i can off we go hunting the end of the line for prolly 100 yards or more...finally under a bush there is a cat with what was left of my bait and a hook in his i proceed to rescue the little critter fighting off the dog with one hand..finally unhook him and off he goes like greased lightning....then who shows up...the deputy...i'm there gun,light,dog,bait,fishing line,no shoes,in my drawers at 3am.....all he could was laugh..hard...get out pet my dog and get back on patrol.....moral of story....unbait your hooks and put your rods away...not a scary story for me but it was for the cat
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    It's two am and the wife and I are fast asleep. All of a sudden we are wide awake . Some one is trying to beat the front door down. I go to the front door and look out the peep hole and to my surprise I see an elderly woman banging and kicking the front door. I open the door and after a few minutes of conversation I find out what the problem is. The lady was one of my neighbor's mother. She had been to the local bar and had got lost on her way home. We called her son and he came and picked her up.

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    That was almost 10 years ago but it think his response went something like "Uh Uh Uh Uh don't shoot its me!" LOL!

    Originally Posted by subcool20 I jumped out of bed in only my tighty whities and a shot gun, ran to back door and lowered the gun right at his face....

    So... did he say what he was afraid of?

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    One night I felt like reading a book before going to bed. I happen to like sci-fi. And no matter how many times it goes horribly wrong, every once in while I pick Alan Dean Foster's Alien. This was stupid. What happened on this particular occasion of underestimating (again) my mind's capability to produce particularly vivid nightmares simply has to be told.

    As a little background, my father watched "Alien" one night he had us kids for the weekend when I was 7 or 8 years old, around 11pm, in the middle of the country, where all sorts of things go bump in the night. Yeah, I'm still messed up from that single session of nightmares. Why he let me watch it with him I will never know. Probably thinks it's funny as hell (I know I would).

    Back to yesterday night: I finish the book, turn out the light and easily drop off to sleep. Then the nightmares begin. I swear, every time I have this dream I end up as Dallas right when he gets ambushed by the Alien on the catwalk in the belly of the Nostromo, except this time I get away. Right, get away, sure. Cue a facehugger jumping from above me towards my mouth. I wake up and my closet door is rattling like a demon is trying to get out.

    At this point the barrier between dream and reality is broken and I'm completely convinced Aliens are real and that the invasion has begun. I'm TERRIFIED and beyond sense. I grab the HK45 from under my pillow and levitate from the bed to the door, down the hall and into the bathroom while screaming bloody murder. Thank the stars nobody else was home, because when I finally worked up the courage to go down the hall, back to my room, I turn on the ceiling light, which promptly explodes. I let out a mighty battle cry, flung open the closet and shined the flashlight onto the floor to find my cat sitting there staring at me, completely unperturbed by all my yelling, the gun, and the flashlight pointed at him. "Meow?" (purr, purr).

    Cliffs: Man goes crazy after reading too much science fiction before bedtime with full knowledge of previous mental scarring and nearly blows away his cat.

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    This is an 'intresting' thread........

    One late night....or VERY early AM......not too long after our wedding, I was in bed earlybecause I had duty the next morning. Well I'm deep in my slumberwhen I hear my wife SCREAM! You know, that high-pitched, blood-curdeling SCREAM coming from our bathroom. I'm instantly awake and 'functional'. Grabbed my Sig and went in with my sidearm at the wife screaming like I've never heard before, I was mentally prepared to go into harms way and do ANYTHING necessary to secure her safety and end whatever threat had her fighting for what sounded like her life. EVERY training lesson, EVERY hand-to-hand, gunfighting, and combat training experience I EVER learned and practiced instantly 'front-loaded' into my mind. When you hear people say you revert to your level of training when you get into a 'situation' requiring more that you prepared for.....thier right.

    Now we didn't live in the 'nicest' of neighborhoods and we have had problems in the recent past with some of the local residents, nothing violent, just enough to keep my SA on yellow nearly all the time.

    Anywho, I find the love of my life UP in the corner of the bathroom......think Spider-man when I say UP, two arms on the ceiling and both feet on the walls.....that's right, the UPPER corner of our bathroom! Sitll screaming. The only words I understand coming between the ear-piercing screams are "KILL IT.....SHOOT IT NOW!"

    Looking down I see one of the biggest wolf spiders ever just standing there in front of the comode. Aparently, SWMBO'ed had gotten up in the middle of the night to take care of her 'business' and while in the middle of it, the spider walked right accross her foot.......

    Now, me and bugs in general don't 'get along', but I'm by no means scared of 'em. However, that was the wrong way for me to 'discover' that my lovely wife suffers from a 'mild' arachnifobia.

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    Hiding inside a bottle of Jim Beam Black in S. FL.
    Oh, that clock! When life finally pulled the plug on my father, we pulled the plug on that clock.
    Retired USAF E-8. Curmudgeon at large.
    Lighten up and enjoy life because:
    Paranoia strikes deep, into your life it will creep. It starts when you're always afraid... Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth

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    A good thread! The serious side, of course, reinforces the concept of knowing what you may be shooting at before the bullet leaves the barrel.

    I moved into an old farm house out in the country a number of years ago. It was very quiet. One night my wife woke me to listen to a noise coming from the attic. I jumped up to investigate but couldn't get to the part of the attic the noise was coming from. It was a scraping sound. It stopped. I went back to bed. A couple of nights later, same thing, same result. This continued for a while. The noise didn't seem to signal a threat but it was strange. Fast forward a couple of months. The air handler in the attic needed servicing. The tech came one day while I was at work and was crawling around in the low part of the attic on his stomach and, as he crossed a joist, a snake reared up its head to look at him. He went one way, the snake the other. His supervisor came back, went up in the attic and came back down with a good sized Eastern king snake. Totally harmless but certainly a surprise when it looked the tech in the eye from six inches. The snake was released unharmed outside and the noises stopped after that. I later found a crack in the foundation where the odd snake could get in, and actually saw one in the process, but I could never figure out how one got to the attic.

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    I don't know if this qualifies...many years ago when I was on the job, my partner who lived with his wife in an apartment complex had a knock on their door about three in the morning. When he opened the door he saw a young teenage girl , from the apartment below who was visiting her married sister for the weekend.

    She was hysterical yelling that her brother in law was killing her sister who was screaming. My buddy grabbed his off duty gun and ran down the stairs, into the apartment where he encountered the loving couple going at it. By this time all the neighbors were up and standing in the hall. Oh yeah my pal was standing in his underwear, with his wife nearby with his pants in her hands. True story!

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