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"he emptied the bullets to the gun"

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Thread: "he emptied the bullets to the gun"

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    Quote Originally Posted by maddyfish View Post
    Ok. So. After he emptied his gun and showed you it was empty, would you be justified in shooting him? Surely yes if he tried to put you into the trunk.
    no doubt ,if he showed you how he unloads his gun, the only other thing to do would be to show him how you unload your gun

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    Quote Originally Posted by AzB View Post
    "He emptied the bullets to the gun, showed me the bullets "

    That's when I would have known I could definitely pull my gun.... and offer to take the gun off his hands.

    Good thinking on the phone, location, etc. and good ending tho.

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    Will the BG's be charged with kidnapping? This has to be more serious than simple robbery.


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    I was car-jacked/kidnapped in Pittsburgh during a robbery at 19. Thrown in the trunk while they went to ATM machines all over town. The DA said he would charge them with kidnapping..... had they ever caught them. And....they had fingerprints, photos from three different ATM's and the drivers blood and two teeth in the front of the car when they found it that night... still nothing. They never found them even though it was all over the news and a couple detectives recognized them from a local housing project.

    Having two armed people car-jack you when you don't have any idea what situational awareness is or train to be able to handle it can be VERY overwhelming. I've shot a lot since I was 12 years old. But, I never took self defense THAT seriously until that happened. I couldn't believe it was happening. So, I understand how this played out, but know if they had training or carried, it MAY have worked out better. Not many know what they would have done in the same situation.

    So, if you don't know, you don't know. You think it will just stop on it's own. That's why the last 11 years has been spent taking every class I can and and carrying the largest caliber that I shoot fast and accurate. For me it's a 1911 in 45. I hope this opens their eyes and I'm glad it didn't end in the death of four students.

    I was ALMOST robbed while on a photo shoot last year. I have about $15,000 to $20,000 worth of equipment on me during a shoot. It ended very differently. Training is a must. If you don't have it, you have little chance of knowing what to do.
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    Call 911 in some other city and hang up 4 times. I bet they'll find you.
    One of the most dangerous political philosophies afflicting America today is the belief that we can’t allow anyone to suffer the natural consequences of their own stupidity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adameeski View Post
    "White on rice", that's what I would have been on him like!
    For me, it's either "stink on a monkey" or "ugly on an ape"...it's a toss up.
    Know Guns, Know Safety, Know Peace.
    No Guns, No Safety, No Peace.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonconsiglio View Post
    I was car-jacked/kidnapped in Pittsburgh during a robbery at 19. Thrown in the trunk while they went to ATM machines all over town. The DA said he would charge them with kidnapping..... had they ever caught them.
    Wow, glad you made it through OK. I imagine something like that sticks with you for the rest of your life. It surely explains why you carry today and why you spend time here learning and sharing your knowledge.

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    "He emptied the bullets to the gun, and was immediately shot 4 times in the chest by the victim, the other mugger ran away. Police are analyzing urine found at the scene for DNA."
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