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Check this Police officer out!

This is a discussion on Check this Police officer out! within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Heard that AK came into the US via the mexican border......they keep putting them into the hands of our BGs..........

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Thread: Check this Police officer out!

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    Heard that AK came into the US via the mexican border......they keep putting them into the hands of our BGs.......
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    How many spare mags did that officer have ?? More than a few ?

    He's lucky as his vest would probably have done him no good at all. He kept his cool and won out in the long run.... glad he's OK and got them off the street, probably for a very loooong time.

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    Thanks for the link.
    Good thing the officer had sunglasses on...kept the glass out of his eyes.
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    Did he not have an M4 on board? Atleast a shotgun?

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    Yep, he definately has some brass ones.

    What was truely funny at the end is how the BG was just about crying when they put him in the car. Not so bad after the po po got you in their cuffs are you.
    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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    Talk about keeping your cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ErnieNWillis View Post
    Did he not have an M4 on board? Atleast a shotgun?
    Everything he did looked instinctive and grabbed the closest weapon to him which was the handgun, I don't think a shotgun would have been as useful to him as his service weapon when they first started to fire. Although, if the shotgun had slugs, maybe, but the shotgun has only 5-6 shells w/about 30 second, give or take reload time. M4, I doubt he had one, b/c the second time they shot at him, that would been the perfect time to use the M4.

    The expression on face was like another day in the neighborhood!!

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    I bet he has a patrol rifle clipped in the passenger seat now.

    The best part was the BG at the end "He made me shoot, man..." I can hear him saying in the car "Aw man, I didn't do nothin', man..."

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    WOW, thats all I can say.
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    Wow! He deserves the greatest respect! WOW! The "Ice Man"! I can say I have never seen an officer do a better job in that position. As far as the videos I have seen atleast. My hair is still standing on end!
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    Job well done!

    Every patrol car should have a rifle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xsigma40cal View Post
    Wow, A lessor man wouldnt have made it out of that.
    Na, that was mostly (but not all) luck. Awsome LEO, did his job, is brave, flawless, but not much to do with "made it out" everything to do with capturing criminals.

    Quote Originally Posted by Back 40 View Post
    That puts chills down your spine. That is one seriously bad ass officer. I would love to shake that mans hand!
    Deserves more recognition, any police officer who does what he has deserves national recognition.

    Quote Originally Posted by SamRudolph View Post
    ...The best part was the BG at the end "He made me shoot, man..." I can hear him saying in the car "Aw man, I didn't do nothin', man..."
    I was bothered by this as well, I thought at first he ment the LE made him. I'm guessing the other BG now, not that it makes much difference.
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    Wow. Talk about cool under fire.

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    Another bad day at the office!
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    I'm so glad the Officer was ok (Much Respect To Him). Hopefully the BG's will never see the light of day again.........

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