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What if you have the open shot??

This is a discussion on What if you have the open shot?? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; It would really depend on the situation at the time but I'd be inclined to let the officer handle it. If I could pop the ...

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    It would really depend on the situation at the time but I'd be inclined to let the officer handle it. If I could pop the BG out of sight from the officer (around a corner?) and be disarmed by the time he hit the floor then maybe. I definitely down want to get popped by the officer after I introduce another weapon to the party.
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    I'm fleeing if a gun fight breaks out but if there is a LEO involved I'll take secure cover until the situation breaks, 1st to be a good witness for the LEO (I'll also have 911 on the hook recording everything) and 2nd to offer assistance if the situation goes south, either by force or for medical.

    Wasn't there a case where a patrol officer was shot by a BG and then some bystander was able to shoot and kill the BG with the officers weapon? Not really the same situation but it was a civilian coming to aid an officer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIGguy229 View Post
    Nuke'em from space....it's the only way to be sure...

    But seriously....it would really depend on the totality of circumstances....
    "I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. Its the only way to be sure" Im an aliens fanatic

    But ya It would depend on the situation for me. I naturally would want to help the officer but would be affraid of complicating the situation by shooting at the BG and maybe missing him. (like some of the nightmares I have sometimes - drawing my gun and the trigger is so stiff I cant fire, or I keep firing and the bg keeps advancing) Id stand by and see how the situation unfolds for the LEO before getting involved. Thats just me though.
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    I would do my best to make sure the LEO knew I was a Good Guy, and knew I was there ... to support.

    Depends upon the circumstances what I would yell out.... and what I would do...... but , I wouldn't sit back and let the LEO get shot, while doing my best to make sure I didn't either.

    If it's a flash second decision, it may be shoot while yelling something wise to the LEO and keeping myself behind cover.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guardian View Post
    My thoughts also, except retired military or good guy and follow the rest. I couldn't stand by, just couldn't not with the scenario presented open shot and all.
    Absolutly x2...in Oregon you are justified in defending life as if it were your own!

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    Just as fast as I could make the shot.

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    Most of all the fast food places that I've been at is pretty open. Unless I'm by the door, I wouldn't be able to get out of the place and any shooting that happens were I can't leave puts me right into the shooting. I would back the LEO up with overwhelming fire power. I would hope that I would have the upper hand since the BG wouldn't expect me to start to shoot at him.
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    Because it might only confuse the LEO doing his / her job, duck and cover.


    Quote Originally Posted by SIGguy229 View Post
    ...it would really depend on the totality of circumstances....


    Quote Originally Posted by LSCurrier View Post
    If the officer needed assistance...would not let an officer be gunned down in front of me...

    If it was clearly open shot for me and officer all but down, it would be go time.
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    Clear shot? Gun battle going on? Who do you think you are? Who does anybody think you are? Some have said it--when it is your life, you can defend. Otherwise (and I can understand where you are coming from--in SC we do have the "alter ego" rule that allows you to intercede in another's "situation" as if it was you in an imminent death or great bodily injury scenario), you may solve the problem but you can also be causing more of a problem to everyone concerned, including yourself.

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    Id take the shot if it presented itself, also I would be yelling anything I could to let the LEO know Im a good guy. After BG goes down so does MY gun.
    Plus, most every food places Ive been to dont really afford much in the way of cover. If bullets are flying, there arent many places to hide.
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    In Florida per statute if you or someone else is in imminate danger of death or great bodily harm you are legally justified to use deadly force to stop that threat. That said the advice given so far by the retired LEO and military men is on target. Let the officer know you are on his side. Off duty in plain clothes I would be yelling my head off telling the LEO who I am while placing fire on the BG. And remember auditory exclusion during the fight could keep him from hearing you. It is a SNAFU at best.
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    If the situation is such that the BG and LEO are just making holes in everything but each other, I am reasonably covered from the LEO and clear shot to the BG (given that I am already proned out on the floor). Stop the threat...thoroughly, slide my gun away, hopefully into view of the LEO and assume the "Felony Arrest" position, maybe even yell out "STAND DOWN, CEASE FIRE, FOR THE LOVE OF FAST FOOD - TAKE YOUR FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER"

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    I attended the funeral of a number of cops that I personally knew, until I could not go to any more. They were mostly young men with wives and children.

    I will not stand by and watch another one possibly killed when I have the capability to stop it. I was able to live a relatively long life, thus far, and raise my children and see my grandchildren. If I am fortunate enough to provide that gift to another officer I will do it in an instant.

    Obviously the measures to help prevent getting shot myself would be taken, but they would not be the over riding factor.

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    If I had an opportune chance to take out the BG in this scenario, I would probably take the shot....hopefully while the BG is attempting a reload or something so long as the BG is in my full view and no chance of innocents downrange or in between. I would have ascertained by this time that there are no accomplices such as maybe the getaway driver coming in to the rescue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hiram25 View Post
    I would have to take the shot! But I'd be screaming my head off Retired Trooper the whole time! My gun would hit the deck as soon as the BG was taken out of the fight.
    I'm still trying to figure out where all the "cover" is in a fast food restaurant (as stated by the OP, both BG and LEO have cover). It's for sure there isn't much cover under the table. It's for sure if the lead is flying, it's going to be VERY difficult to exit. I would have to TRY some type of identification to the LEO or TRY to ask LEO if he need's assistance WHILE I am taking the shot. YES...I would take the shot and then as Hiram says, once the threat is stopped, my weapon would be on the floor and most probably I would be spreadeagled as well awaiting the LEO's next move/instructions. JMO
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