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disadvantage or advantage?

This is a discussion on disadvantage or advantage? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; PHP Code: Don 't do it. Stay rural, stay away from the city, keep your simple life, and if/when you have children, please make sure that they attend a proper school that teaches grammar and spelling.  I retract the personal attacks, I was looking for a laugh at someone elses expense. It was wrong and I apologize. ...

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Thread: disadvantage or advantage?

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    Don't do it. Stay rural, stay away from the city, keep your simple life, and if/when you have children, please make sure that they attend a proper school that teaches grammar and spelling. 
    I retract the personal attacks, I was looking for a laugh at someone elses expense. It was wrong and I apologize.

    As far as romansten9's post, I have to disagree that sports and other activities can suppliment the social interaction gained in proper school. These are formative years, bonds made now will last lifetimes, as they will shape your children and shape the parents they become.

    All of the advantages you list sound phenominal, but IMHO, the structure and face to face relationships formed in school are irreplaceable. But as I stated, this is my oppinion, and this is a personal choice that you have made.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WhoWeBePart1 View Post
    I honestly think it is a huge disadvantage. I'm a city boy, always have been and always will be. I grew up the minority in some very ruff neighborhoods which sucked at the time but it taught me a lot about real life and what some people are capable of.

    I had to learn how to not show fear when I was alone and I'm walking towards a group of 10 people. Crossing the road was not an option because then they where going to mess with you, that showed fear and they where going to make you pay for it. So I learned to just keep my head high and walk between them. A couple of head nods and a wat'up is all that ever really happened.

    Street smarts are learned over time in the real world. I wish you the best, Be safe and welcome to DC.
    in total agreement...i love the big city...from upstate ny originally but loved visitng nyc..theres something alive about big cities and theres a whole lot of lessons to be learned in them...including the fact that just showing up doens t mean youre gonna be mugged...

    get out and experience everyhting you can...keeps your wits about you, use good judgement and take it all in...walk with confidence and be wary of your surroundings...and that goes for the country as well as the city...bad people who do bad stuff dont all live in the city....

    enjoy life and breathe it in...the more you experience the easier your choices will be in the future...

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