You're enjoying dinner in a classy establishment...

This is a discussion on You're enjoying dinner in a classy establishment... within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Unless he has eyes in the back of his head, he's not even gong to see it coming. Depending upon the situation, my first preference ...

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Thread: You're enjoying dinner in a classy establishment...

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    Unless he has eyes in the back of his head, he's not even gong to see it coming.
    Depending upon the situation, my first preference is to let it go, but dirtbags like this can lose it in a minute with the wrong customer...then what?

    "I don't like repeat offenders, I like dead offenders", says Uncle Ted
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    As was already mentioned for another state... a higher end restaurant in SC means that most likely, alcohol is being served... and CWP is not allowed by law.

    we've got to change this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scorpion12 View Post
    As was already mentioned for another state... a higher end restaurant in SC means that most likely, alcohol is being served... and CWP is not allowed by law.

    we've got to change this.
    In Texas, we can only carry in Establishments that get less than 51% of their income from alcohol sales.
    Is the rule in SC/NC that one can not carry "anywhere" alcohol is served?
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    Quote Originally Posted by puffer View Post
    A LOT over the ensuing years. ( over 40 years, I was about 26 @ the time)

    Since then I have done a "wee" bit of training of others ( LEOs & civilians) Plus a LOT of talk with other individuals. I never have regretted "MY call"

    theres never a reason to regret a decision that made the right choice for the situation and i commend you for it...

    i'll also add that in todays world i think the indifference thugs demonstrate when it comes to human life is probably what drives many of us to choose "shoot" in this scenario....

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    His mommy would be on the news questioning why anybody would shoot her son since he was in the process of turning his life around and that at only 18 he was a responsible father for all 6 of his babys by different babys mommas and he just needed a little money to pay his tuition
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    I'm in NC so if alcohol is served my gun is in the car. Best I could do is stab him in the eyeball with my fork.

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    d. LOST a "girl friend". She thought I was a "coward."for not "Acting"
    You're better off anyways :D
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    Yep, NC is a big no-no for guns and alcohol served. Absolutely not, period.
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    Hey someone run and get the popcorn....he's up for an Oscar...
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    Opportunity, Ability and Intent have been met so when he turns to face me he will get more than my watch

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    Bang Bang Bang my 9mm would go.
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    There are many possibilities depending on the situation. What kind of cover is nearby? Dividers between tables? Are there more BGs? Is there a clear shot? Do I need to use the steak knife instead of the gun if there is no clear shot? Do I motion for my wife to quietly get down? Do I throw cash on the floor as a distraction so he won't see me draw? Also, he won't have much time because somebody has probably dialed 911 already.

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    this is an armed robbery. there is no question about shooting. it does not matter if he plans on shooting or not. he is threatening my families lives. I chose my family.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cz2075bd View Post
    This type of robbery will likely NOT end in bloodshed unless it is escalated. I'd hand over my wallet and be a good witness. Unless he makes a threatening move towards me or my family (other than just collecting my wallet) or starts randomly shooting people, I would not shoot, though I would keep my strong hand ready to draw.
    why should I have to ahnd over my wallet though? I have no deisre to give my property to a common thief. I am putting his criminal ass down if given the opportunity.

    RIP Mike, miss you buddy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by knuts6 View Post
    Good info. Most classy restaurants serve alcohol, so in NC, I wouldn't be able to respond with a firearm unfortunately.
    Here in the hills, our classy restaurant is Hardy's (=Carl's for your west coasters, similar to McDonald's).

    Hard to call: I certainly carry to remove threats to my family. Yet if the fellow has a track record with the other customers of taking their stuff and moving on, he may be a bit more predictable than the thug in the alley. Assuming the predictability of a bad guy is iffy, but assuming he's working alone is pretty iffy as well: the girlfriend covering the cashier would be disastrous if I were to take the shot. I would expect her to shoot the cashier or a patron or come after me (and now it's a gunfight in a crowd) - I doubt she would merely run away. Too, one-shot-and-he-drops-dead isn't guaranteed: at the very least I would expect him to fire off a round from a convulsive grip even if he's not aiming.

    I think my likelihood would be to play along with the bad guy rather than shoot. No criticism for any different responses, of course.

    May God keep us out of tight situations, and give us grace to call it correctly should we need to.
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