To all you bikers out there

To all you bikers out there

This is a discussion on To all you bikers out there within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I do not ride but would like to. I have a lot of friends who are Blue Knights. I never see any of them packing. ...

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Thread: To all you bikers out there

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    To all you bikers out there

    I do not ride but would like to. I have a lot of friends who are Blue Knights. I never see any of them packing. I even attended a Blue ride and didn't see anythere packing either. Most biker clothing is pretty tight, and leather vests don't leave much for hiding a gun under.

    I just watched a video about a biker being pulled over and drawn down on by a plain clothes officer in hasty way. Now I think about what would happen if I were riding and someone cut me off in that manner or someone came up on me from behind.

    My question is where do you carry, and what is your exit and draw technique in an emergency. I have some ideas in mind, but like I said I don't ride.

    I think I would OWB carry strong side, exiting the bike to the opposite side of threat and turning to face. Drawing as I exit the bike.

    Any other thoughts.

    *EDIT* - I understand why the biker was pulled over in the video, lets answer this as if you are not being crazy or doing anything illegal. Just some D-Bag decides he wants to start stuff with you. Road rage, or what have you.

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    The biker was cut off and drawn down on because he was doing over 100, doing wheelies and driving recklessly.

    That being said I appendix carry.

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    maybe I carry, maybe I don't...only I will know for sure
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    For riding, I prefer my SOB holster, if my purpose is just 'riding', not off to work, etcetera. I have, however, become so accustomed to carrying my P3AT also, in addition to the .45, that I still wear it on the '9 o'clock position. I do not, however, wear leather.

    The .45 from the SOB is drawn with my right hand, the .380 with the left, so more chance of success, I hope.
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    Fanny pack, Safepacker, Expedition, IWB or OWB. Any will work, and do. "Biker" clohing in not that "form fitting". Unless round is a form. My vest covers the IWB. I wouldn't worry about having to draw while riding so your normal carry option will work.

    I don't know which Blue Knights club you ride with, but the ones I know are healed.

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    I carry in a shoulder holster under my jacket. I wear leathers year-round (for the same reason I carry a gun, you never know when you're going to need them) My summer leathers are perforated, so once you're moving, they're actually quite cool.

    With this method, I carry on the right side, available for left hand draw. I shoot with both hands, and this way allows me to brake, accel, or coast while drawing, if necessary. My thinking is not so much shooting while moving (awkward, but possible) but more that I can have the gun in my hand ready as I'm stopping, instead of stopping, then drawing.

    I've tried OWB, but I have concerns about concealment and retention in the case of a crash.

    It's never come up, and I hope it never does. I have taken a couple tumbles with a large .45 in the shoulder holster, and it stays put and has never caused any problems with bruising or anything, even when I landed on it.

    -- Luck favors the well prepared.

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    I dont like carrying on my body while riding. I throw my PM9 in the outside pocket on my tank bag. Quick access if i'm still on the bike. Having to unholster while on the bike is pretty tough.

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    AllAbt the main thing is what works sitting still does not work at 75 on the highway. An OWB rig will be uncovered by the vest, jacket or shirt you are wearing by the force of the wind.
    I ussually carry a J frame in the inside pocket of my vest, appendix carry or a crossdraw carry. Crossdraw is the easiest the weapon is covered, can be drawn with either hand but close enough to my body I can defend it well.
    For me pocket carry is out you have to stand to get into the pocket, carrying in a tank bag is good quick access as long as the gun is secured in the bag so you dont have to dig for it, but that also means that you leave the gun on the bike if you go in somewhere.
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    I carry the same when I drive my car or truck or ride my motorcycle: OWB on my hip. I wear an Icon jacket, helmet, gloves. Ride safe, ride smart. Take the gun or the attitude, not both.

    There are a lot of choices in riding jackets besides the generic "oh look I'm a badass" black leather jacket.
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    There are a lot of leather coats and leather vest with carry pockets that conceal a gun quite well. There's always the fanny pack. There are conceal undershirts that work, belly belts, and all types of ways to do it. I often wear a IWB holster and it doesn't show. Some put a gun in their tank bag.

    I know a couple that pocket carry and Smart Carry, although I don't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AllAbtSlfDef View Post
    I do not ride but would like to....

    My question is where do you carry, and what is your exit and draw technique in an emergency. I have some ideas in mind, but like I said I don't ride....
    In the grand scheme of things, worry about the bolded points first, carrying later.

    Even newbie riders with less than a year or 12k miles have bigger concerns than where and how they should carry.

    You are 1k times more likely to get into an accident than a situation that requires a need to access your carry while on the bike.

    Stick with your normal means of carry, get the gear to fit around it (the same way we had to make minor adjustments to our daily wardrobe).

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    IWB for me, about 2 o'clock when riding......

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