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I noticed something a bit disturbing yesterday

This is a discussion on I noticed something a bit disturbing yesterday within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well crime wouldn't be a lucrative career if people were aware and took responsibility for thier safety...

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Thread: I noticed something a bit disturbing yesterday

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    Well crime wouldn't be a lucrative career if people were aware and took responsibility for thier safety

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    People like us would make great criminals, and ironically, we are the only ones who can stop those who would do us harm.

    Do we have the same predatory thought systems like those who would do evil, except just good men?

    What is there in between?

    I guess there are the sheep, the wolves, and the sheep dogs.

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    A couple years ago I went for a jog with my iPod. It really does block out almost all other sound. I was able to make it about 50 feet before I had to take it off.
    Every once in awhile you will see people driving with them on.
    Don't do things you don't want to explain to the Paramedics!

    Stupidity should be painful.

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    I have noticed this as well. The thing that amazes me is a young lady at work talks about how she is 4'11 and 70 lbs. She then walks to and from her car buildings etc with her Ipod on hooked up to noise canceling head phones you have to bump into her to get her attention, its worse when she has it hooked up he Nintendo DS. It made me realize just how many people are completely unaware of what is or does go on around them and how many seem to think crime will never happen to them till its to late.
    No matter how hard you make it for a law abiding citizen to protect them self. Those that wish to do them harm will still find the means to do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpringerXD View Post
    Over the last weekend, I bought something I haven't owned in years: a bicycle. It's just a Walmart cheapie because I'm not a serious rider. There's a new stretch of road near my house with a sidewalk on both sides and it's ideal for bicycling, running, etc.... My sons are at their granddad's house for the week, so I thought it would be fun and it has been.

    So anyway, I decided to do a couple of miles again yesterday. On the way back toward my house, there was a young woman who was running/walking and she had an MP3 player (I assume) with the earphones in. As I rode up on the bike and approached her from behind, I said, "Hi," basically as a polite way to get her to allow me to pass on the sidewalk. The dropoff to the street is about six inches and I didn't want to dive the bike. As I got closer, like within six feet or so, I said in a friendly, joking way, "Beep beep!"

    Still no response. So I slowed almost to a stop, dropped to the street, and went around her. No big deal.

    But here's the disturbing part. With her earpieces in, she had NO IDEA that I was coming up behind her. None. And this stretch of road (4-lane) is a bit rural. There are houses all around but it still feels somewhat isolated. It occurs to me that if someone had wanted to pull up in a car and abduct her, it would have been a piece of cake. Even if she was armed, she had no clue that I was easing around her on the street until I was slightly past her.

    So do people really have ZERO situational awareness these days? This was a young (I'll assume 20's), attractive woman, pretty much alone out there, and she never even knew I had come up behind her on the sidewalk until I had passed. I'm no criminal, of course, but if I had been, she would have been an easy pick for [whatever].
    I find this a bit alarming.
    I have noticed this in the typical population time and time again. Some just cross the street w/o looking both ways and I have even suprised a woman in an SUV as she did not realized that I just ran past her when I did my usual 3-5 mile run. I even surprised another one at a parking garage as she was so preoccupied with her cellphone. These situations that I have caught those people off-guard, I was not even trying hard. It amazes me these days how extremely unaware the typical population is these days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HotGuns View Post
    MOST people have ZERO awareness.

    It is not the exception. It is the rule.
    Quote Originally Posted by DaveJay View Post
    Situational Awareness is something lots of people really don't understand...they want to be left alone and will zone out so they don't have to pay attention to anyone else...

    Pretty dangerous...
    The talk of SA brings up an incident during my vavcation this year. Every year I go to the USBC bowling tournament for league bowlers. This year it was in Reno again, which I like because the bowling center is near several of the hotels(walking distance). My walk was one block south, one block east. So, I exit the hotel at the corner, look across the street on both sides to check people on both sides, my side has one person walking my way, one standing, looking across the street. Other side has numerous people, including what appeared to be a hooker. So I take my side for the south portion, through my peripheral, I notice the the guy looking across the street, as I pass him, he turns and starts walking my way. I put my hand in my pocket, and remembered my carry knife was 2,000 miles away, locked in my car at the airport. I picked up my pace, crossed the next street,(against the light), crossed again to go east, and made it to my destination. Next time, I think I'll take the shuttle bus.
    Always remember that others may hate you but those who hate you don't win unless you hate them. And then you destroy yourself.
    Richard M Nixon
    Owning a handgun doesn't make you armed any more than owning a guitar makes you a musician.”
    Jeff Cooper

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    When you read about a young girl or women being raped and murdered it makes you think how careless some of these woman are. We had one killed not too long ago. She jogged regularly in a park which had many remote spots while using head phones. Some times you wonder weather these people have any common sense.

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    When I'm out in public, I never have headphones in. Even when I do, be it at home or on a plane or wherever, it's always low volume.

    I know people who refuse to work out without having their MP3 player. I never did, even before I was armed, just because I wouldn't be able to hear anything.
    Knowing is half the battle.

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    I agree 100%. Its sad. I actually won an iPod Touch through a work competition, and I haven't loaded a single song on there for this reason. (I don't run/jog.) But I don't use headphones for this reason.

    I think its gotten alot worse lately when people drive too, and have seen the occaisonal person driving with headphones on

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    I don't run with my iPod, and if I do use out outside of my car, I only use one earpiece and don't have it loud. I hate closing myself off to the world. People are so stupid.
    Gun control can be blamed in part for allowing 9/11 to happen.
    "Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum" (Latin)- "If you want peace, prepare for war".

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