decided not to go to work today

decided not to go to work today

This is a discussion on decided not to go to work today within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; And was going to sleep in . My sons were over at friends houses so I had the trailer to myself . I woke up ...

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Thread: decided not to go to work today

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    decided not to go to work today

    And was going to sleep in . My sons were over at friends houses so I had the trailer to myself . I woke up because I heard the front door open I was instantly awake and listening for more sounds.
    I heard the creek of the floor in the kitchen I'm familiar with. I rolled outta bed to the far side as it is opposite my door in my bed room while drawing the sigma 40 I have mounted in a uncle mikes paddle holster to my bed side table. After taking cover and siting down the hall I called out who's there. I heard my brother say quietly my name .
    relief flooded through me . I told him to come on back and I stayed in the crouch I had taken minus the siteing down the hall. And his eyes got huge and he said what's up. I told him never to enter my house quiet and to call out as soon as he enters so that I know its him and don't creep down the hall for fear of I would rather he wake me up than surprise me. I work alot of hours from 3am till 6pm lately and I was very tired but I would rather be woken up then have a tragic accident. sorry if I posted this in the wrong place didn't know to put it here or tactics btw critique my actions as you see fit could use it

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    I think this is pretty much ''scenarios'' so have moved it.

    Well - extreme tiredness, waking from deep sleep and hearing unexpected sounds - never good!! I always encourage folks dropping by to announce themselves loudly and not to do any sneaking - and I think that is probably best for most of us.

    Of course when friend/family they may well not want to disturb someone who they find is asleep - but I would rather wake to a familiar voice than have to react as if unwanted guest!
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    I have all my friends/family call before coming over. I don't live in the best of neighborhoods (well, now, it was fine before the bums moved in across the street) and well, anyone coming in unannounced would be in a world of hurt.

    My Mom is the only one with a key anyway and she knows to at least "call out" if she comes over without calling.


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    At my house, anyone who doesn't live there has to knock before coming in. Even family members. My wife's family always goes into each other's homes without knocking, but I politely asked them to knock when they arrive at mine ( I reciprocate) just to avoid this type of situation. Plus I have a warning that the "outlaws" have arrived...LOL
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    thank you sir for moving it after i had it posted i realised it wasnt in the proper spot thanks agine

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    It is absolutely imperative that as our kids get older and are coming home later that they know the drill.

    There are cases of kids coming home late and getting shot.

    I make it quite clear to my teenager that if they come home later than expected, they call to let us know and USE THE LIGHTS when they get in. Don't sneak in.

    Of course, you should adequately ID a target before firing, but why add a risk factor. Everyone should know the drill.

    Also, no-one, family included is dumb enough to just walk in without the door being opened for them unless they live there.

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