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This is a discussion on recent incident at my home within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; maybe the thing to do was to keep the door shut of course, and point the gun at him through the sliding glass door just ...

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Thread: recent incident at my home

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    maybe the thing to do was to keep the door shut of course, and point the gun at him through the sliding glass door just to let him know. rather than talking to him. but then I hear about don't ever point a gun unless your intending to use it.
    A big plus-one on talking through the door. No need to open it, but if you're comfortable in handling yourself you can confront the person. But don't be pointing guns at people! Remember Rule Two of firearm safety, and also that depending on the law where you live, pointing a gun at someone can be grounds for an assault charge.

    Instead, hold the gun down by your leg, pointed down and slightly behind you. Outdoors dude doesn't need to see it.

    By the way, have you given any thought as to why these two jokers picked your house? They could have pulled into any driveway on your block, but they picked yours. Had any workmen over recently? Might be worth thinking about.
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    Hopefully, they won't be back. But now they know you own firearms too. A good safe might be in the plans for when you're away.

    Even as a locksmith, I never installed a peephole. Got to get too close to the door for that to be effective. During un-expected visits, I stand to the side, away from the door as ask, "Who's there?" I can go to a far window and check too.

    I would have somehow let them know the house was occupied though when they first knocked. Running to the bedroom and waitting for them seems like nonsense to me. Kind of an invitation if you will to a killing.

    I'd be especially careful of opening a door to a stranger with a knife like tool in his hands too. gun or not, you would to react to his behavior and that can be a deadly encounter for you or, him.

    Remember, "What would a resonable person do" in your circumstance.

    That is the final judgement you'll face if you survive a encounter where you cause harm.

    We have the Castle Doctrine in my state. Shooting through the door MAY be an option but not one I might care to take. Very hard decision to make sitting here at the computer. Inside my home will be a different matter, I'm sure.

    I believe you need some training in your state laws and how they affect you as a gun owner. Self defense training in how to use those firearms will always be a good thing too.

    Eitherway, you paid attention to your senses and it worked out well for ya, best wishes!
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    There are many assumptions in this scenario. Your assessment of what was about to happen may or may not be correct. The only real facts are... there were two young guys at the door. One of them walked around back.

    It is possible they were simply ..."looking for Mary".

    No offense but you added much speculation to this story. It appears you are certain they were going to break in. You say he had a "tool" of some sort. Yet you didn't really see it. You don't know what he had in his hand.

    You should have spoken loudly through the door right from the start and it would have been the end of the issue. Your lack of action took you to a situation that could have been much more serious.
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    " say I had had my ruger SR9c handy. I could have pointed it at them from the door, and really scarred them"

    That could have gotten you in serious trouble.
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