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Easy answer on this one. Already had to decide. I was at the grocery store one afternoon, baby in car seat, sleeping, very hot. I took one look and knew that with the heat this child would die. Ran in the grocery store and made announcement on the speaker, no response, went back outside and busted the heck out of the window, called 911 and before the parent could return I had the police as well as the rescue squad there. Turns out the parent was in the dollar store next to the supermarket. She was arrested, baby removed from her care for a few days while it was sorted out. Her husband got custody of the baby. I found out through the news paper that her sister said it wasn't the first time she had done that. Child abuse is wrong but letting a baby die in a car is a very very horrible death. That baby's temperature was extremely high and emt told me the baby would have been dead in a few minutes. This happened many years ago but I would do it again with not one bit of hesitance.
Great job!!! Somewhere there is a twenty year old who owes there life to you.