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Does the revolver have any use for CCW??????

This is a discussion on Does the revolver have any use for CCW?????? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; They need to stop worrying about those unlikely multiple gunman scenarios, and the best way to stop worrying about that is to stop lending so ...

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Thread: Does the revolver have any use for CCW??????

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    They need to stop worrying about those unlikely multiple gunman scenarios, and the best way to stop worrying about that is to stop lending so much credibility to all the nervous-nellies on the gun forums. If we were to live our lives based on their daily carry dooms-day scenarios, we'd all be armed to the teeth, hiding sawed-off 12ga semi-autos under our knee length trench coats, and backing that up with a pair of high capacity semi-auto pistols, with 4 extra magazines on our belt. And we'd be doing it for no good reason, because all you need is a reasonably potent handgun that is reliable and is a breeze to carry, so we'll always have it with us. For those long-odds what-if the sky falls scenario's? I guess I'll have to figure that out if it ever happens, but I don't think it will, and I'll tell you one thing - I'm sure as heck not going to live my life worrying about such a remote possibility. Shorts, T shirt, light weight gun under my belt, or in my pocket, and I'm happy, despite the fact that I'm not carrying an arsenal. I don't pay to much attention to that tired old gun forum cliché - "guns are supposed to be comforting, not comfortable". For anything but the fanatics (or first time CC guys), long term carry comfort is a must, and it's the only thing that'll keep us non-fanatics carrying daily.
    Extremely good post and this needs to be said. Well done!

    We make fear worse - not better - by constantly focusing on danger. One of the day-to-day benefits of CCW is the peace of mind you can get in certain conditions knowing you have a possible way OUT, if a horror happens. Unlikely as it is to actually need to use a gun for the average person, this will likely be THE benefit for most of us in our lifetimes.
    Yet, bringing in the most unlikely of possibilities wrecks that - the same as if you constantly had fire drills and slept with a hose for the ever-present danger of fires. Or had 3 emergency brakes installed in your car and 12 airbags.

    A million things can do us in daily - and one day one of them will - such are the laws of life. Do what's reasonable according to the reality of the threat - like how likely it is. The rest is fate.

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    It has such an important place, IMO, if I were to only own 1 firearm, it would be a revolver.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TedBeau View Post
    You could continue this line of thought to the point of "What if you run into a crazed mob, like the New York "Wildings" of a few years back. You am carrying 46 rounds, and a tactical folder, but there are 80 attackers. You manage to stop the first 40 or so, and the rest are so enraged they literally tear you limb from limb.

    Perhaps we should all buy private islands in the Carribbean and set up patrol boats and razor wire.
    Or continue further.... what about the zombie apocalypse?
    There is something about firing 4,200 thirty millimeter rounds/min that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bsms View Post
    I'll take a CC class next month, and then the following month CC becomes legal in AZ anyways...but my brother-in-law got his license about 5 years ago. Carried a full sized gun for about 6 months, then stepped down in a couple of steps to a small 9mm. After a couple of years, he stopped entirely.

    I plan to carry a Model 60. I think I can already shoot it well enough for a face shot at 10 feet, but plan to get a LOT more practice in (BTW - with 38+P, it shoots like a dream). Anything bigger than that, and I won't carry often.

    40 guys attack? The first couple will get shot in the face or chest, and after that...we'll see. If they are a gang of highly motivated bank robbers, then I'm probably done for. Guess I'll die, but not alone.

    bsms, first of all, if an unfortunate circumstance did call for you to use your gun in self-defense, I'd respectfully urge you to not worry about the "face shots", and concentrate on the higher percentage (but effective) shot. As they say, COM (center of mass). I heard a quote one time that was attributed to a retired career police officer. He was giving his son advice and said - "I've seen my share of shootings over the course of my career, and I've learned that it doesn't matter what gun you're carrying, if you hit him between the shirt pockets, he's a goner". I couldn't agree more! And secondly, your model 60 is an excellent choice. I've done quite a lot of ballistic and chronograph testing, and for your information I'll throw a few results out here just as a point of interest. Kinetic energy measured in foot/pounds (ft/lbs)

    Ruger SP101 with 2 1/4" barrel (similar in specs to your Model 60):

    Winchester .38 Special 130 gr. FMJ (target ammo) -- 170 ft/lbs

    Federal Hydra Shok .38 special +P 147gr -- 251 ft/lbs

    Cor Bon PowR'Ball .38 Special +P 100 gr. -- 331 ft/lbs

    I'll include a Cor Bon DPX .357 Magnum 125 gr just for comparison, the result was -- 388 ft/lbs.

    Sig P239 with 3.6" barrel. Physically a bit larger than your Model 60, and arguably a bit less easy to carry> As far as reliability? revolver wins (by how much is open to debate) :

    Winchester 9mm 115 gr. FMJ (target ammo) -- 278 ft/lbs

    Federal Hydra Shok 9mm+P 124gr -- 289 ft/lbs

    Cor Bon PowR'Ball 9mm+P 100gr --- 386 ft/lbs

    Now it must be said that simply looking at kinetic energy numbers (ft/lbs) is not the only measure of a bullet's ballistic characteristics, but it is one of a several important barometers. Beyond that, it would take a week to try to give you every detail about what I've learned during testing, and this isn't the thread for that. My only intent with those couple of kinetic energy results was to show you that in the snubbie revolver vs semi auto debate: 1) There can be a large difference between the performance of two different brands of ammo, and 2) don't let any one ever tell you that a .38 Special +P can't pack a respectable punch. Choose the right round and as you can see, it'll hold it's own against some other respectable gun/ammo combinations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bruce21b View Post
    after going through my own ordeal several months ago facing multiple assailants, i have been reading articles of late where a CCW holder has faced more than one criminal......just read an article of a Florida man who was jumped by three armed goons, who asked for his money and started shooting BEFORE he even had a chance to comply.....the good guy was able to pull his gun and unload on them, only after being shot four times.....

    With todays criminal-element mostly running in "packs", i just cant see where a revolver should even be considered for a matter of fact, im even thinking of carrying a SECOND mag for my G19, making a total of 46 rounds.....

    this may sound excessive, but i think a semi auto and two spare mags is a minimum.......

    anybody else think this way????????
    There are a lot of variables to any self defense situation. I have been carrying for 39 years. I carry revolvers by choice. If you ever have/had a semi-auto fail in a defensive situation, you will understand why I choose to carry revolver[s]. Firepower DOES NOT win a gun fight; mindset and tactics do. I carry a seven shot 2¼" barrel 357 Magnum revolver as my primary handgun; loaded with 357 Magnum ammunition. My BUG is a five shot 38 Special revolver. ALL RELOADS (for both guns), are 38 Special; both HKS Speedloaders and Bianchi® Speed Strips. I shoot and train with this setup every other week. I am confident in my ability to place all rounds where they need to go; with both guns, IN EITHER HAND.

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    The person who takes a round of .357 in the chest will feel that it's more than enough.

    I don't have a carryable wheel gun (yet) but I've been carrying a 1911 sometimes and a Kahr P40 sometimes over the past six years. For my next birthday I desperately want a Ruger SP101 which I plan to carry when it suits my fancy. Variety is the spice of life!

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    I think 6 shots from a 357 should be more than enough

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