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2 against one, head on, one lane road

This is a discussion on 2 against one, head on, one lane road within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Guantes Thank you. What about the "shoot high"? By shooting high I mean stand up if possible to shoot....

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Thread: 2 against one, head on, one lane road

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guantes View Post
    Thank you.
    What about the "shoot high"?
    By shooting high I mean stand up if possible to shoot.
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    Thank you.

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    I tend to agree with Guantes.
    Distance is your friend; so is the night.

    Back up past the last corner. (You should be able to back up at least that far.)

    Leave your headlights on bright. (This will help illuminate the BG's and HIDE your escape.)

    I too would grab my "E" bag! (Mainly because I have "NVE"; 2way radio and extra ammo inside.)

    Depending on available cover and terrain, an exit down the mountian side should help you create the MOST distance in the fastest possible way. Move from tree to tree; boulder to boulder; cover to cover. (I'm looking to get at least 50yrds; if not 100yrds between me and the AR.)

    I will NOT engage the BGs; UNLESS I absolutely have too!

    The BGs most likely WILL take pot-shots in your general direction. But staying low and keeping QUIET while moving from cover to cover should help protect me.
    (Remember: UNless these BGs have some sophisticated "NVE", the darkness is your friend in this situation.)

    My objective would most likely be to work my self around and hopefully up above the BGs. (Keep in mind the BG's will be looking to eventually retreat back DOWN the mountain.)

    I want to position myself above and "past" where the bad guys were because; I retreated down hill, that's where the BGs should be looking as they make their escape down the mountain.

    Going UP after an "initial retreat down" should also help me find a "cell" signal so I can call for help. Be above the site of the encounter will also help me make certain ALL the BG's have left the area. (It is also a LOT more difficult to shoot someone that is high above your location.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by POGOTHECLOWN View Post
    sounds like you could have a pretty good weekend in vegas with all that stuff....

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    Ram their vehicle with your company vehicle. Hopefully disabling their vehicle. Chances are good this will caught them off guard...possibly giving you time to do a rapid reverse. The guy with the AR is your biggest concern. You are going to need a bit of distance to clear fire. Keep moving...never stop...never give a stationary target. You probably have a 50-50 chance if they have no vehicle to chase you down in.

    Just my 2 cents.
    Best Regards from Minnesota,


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    Not a good situation for a lone individual with little firepower. I don't think Ramming their vehicle would work well due to the fact the fellow with the AR is already outside and if you can see it he's probably holding it. If you decide to ram them he will begin firing then step out of the way and continue firing while you hit them and then try to get into reverse to leave.

    I feel your best bet is either jump out now and get into the the woods or attempt to back up behind the bend then beat feet. If you plan on ramming I suggest jumping out prior to impact if possible. Either way your in a tough position and would need to think and act fast.

    If its my neck of the woods you pull on up and watch the guys shoot a couple coyotes or rabbits or whatever they are out plinking at the time.

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