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Wait, someone was dumb enough to attack someone at a range? You know, where people have loaded guns? Better attacking someone at home, the gun is less likely to be loaded, much less on the person.
As best I can recollect: At the Oconee National Forest (outside Greensboro, Georgia) shooting range two students from Georgia Tech (Atlanta) came to camp and shoot. They were shooting a variety of guns and along came two or three guys in a rough pick-up truck. The guys in the truck talked them up, helped them set up camp etc. Shot with them for a while and then went home. The two Tech guys were in their tent after dark when they heard the truck (apparently a distinctive sounding truck) coming up the dirt road but with the lights off. Their SA was off the scale and they slipped out of the tent, taking .45's and ammo with them. They guys got out of the truck and immediately began shooting up the tent. Apparently they began shooting in the direction of the good guys as well. They returned fire killing 2 or 3 of them. No charges against the college kids.

This was about 10 - 12 years ago and about 15 miles from my house. So yeah, play stupid games, win stupid prizes.