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Firing Shots to Scare Off Trespassers?

This is a discussion on Firing Shots to Scare Off Trespassers? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I don't believe in warning shots. Matter of fact, in most cases, I don't believe in warnings, period....

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Thread: Firing Shots to Scare Off Trespassers?

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    I don't believe in warning shots. Matter of fact, in most cases, I don't believe in warnings, period.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    In Ohio, is it "legal" to shoot trespassers who haven't made a threat to life or limb?
    Nope. Gotta be in fear of life or significant bodily harm.
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    In Florida, the Castle Law extends to the limit of one's property. However, I wouldn't want to go to court with nothing more than "he set foot on my property so I shot him".

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    It's illegal in MOST places.

    It's not a good idea.
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    Firearms Safety Rule #4

    Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.

    I am not going to discharge my weapon unless I know their is a serious threat and more importantly I can see that threat. You lose all tactical advantage if you give away your position and you are also wasting bullets. If I am going to get into a gunfight in the middle of the night, chances are I have one magazine in my gun (because who is gonna put all their clothes on and grab their extra mag as well if their is an intruder).

    Furthermore, you are responsible for every round that leaves your weapon. I want to where every round goes. If you shoot someone on accident on your property because you are "giving warning shots" you are still responsible for the outcome. The intruder could be somone needing assistance because they broke down, could be a punk kid, could be an animal. The bottom line is that unless you have a legitimate target, you should not be discharging your firearm.
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    I personally would NOT fire. I think I would set up motion sensor lights at the buildings which house my most valuable property (i.e. my home, my barn, my storage shed, etc). In addition I would definitely invest in a high powered hand held "torch" (translate to highpower flashlight), so that IF I heard someone, or if one of the motion sensor lights lit up the night, I could also scan the area. With all that being said, I would ALWAYS have my most favored SD weapon at hand, whether it be my shottie with double aught buckshot or my Glock...JMO
    Sometimes in life you have to stand your ground. It's a hard lesson to learn and even most adults don't get it, but in the end only I can be responsible for my life. If faced with any type of adversity, only I can overcome it. Waiting for someone else to take responsibility is a long fruitless wait.

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    At night here in Texas it is legal but not a good idea in my opinion! No warning shots, just center of mass and that means you can see the cause of the noise.

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    I wouldn't deliberately shoot to scare off trespassers. It is better to deliver the message that they are not welcome in person. My brother has a favorite method. He asks if they have seen me hunting in the woods, then casually warns them to be careful since he wouldn't want anyone to get shot.

    That's not to say that many a six-gun hasn't been unloaded into the air to discourage intruders or shotguns loaded with rock salt leveled at kids in the watermelon patch.

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    I don't have to shoot folks at the perimeter of my property, the claymores take care of that... the ones that get thru, well, there's a few toe poppers out there for them... and then those will wake me and the dogs... And I can activate the IEDs from here...

    And that was sarcasm..

    No, I ain't gonna shoot no warning shots at any ijit climbing my fences. In fact, it's the dumbest thing I can think of... Short of the stuff I wrote above.

    The sheriff's busy you say... well them boys got on your property from a car, eh..? they didn't walk 50 miles to get to YOUR property... wait until they're a good ways in... then drive to their vehicle and get their license plate numbers.

    I've heard a little .22 rifle will shoot a mile... I think I'll stand in the middle of my property, and shoot one shot every point of the compass, and see who all friends and neighbors gets hit by mysterious stray bullets...


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    Wow, lots of "don't do it" answers, but very little CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. So oakchas you would just hear noises late at night, then leave you're wife and family to go look for licence plate numbers? Sweet deal.

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    Firing Shots to Scare Off Trespassers?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dusty1 View Post
    Wow, lots of "don't do it" answers, but very little CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. So oakchas you would just hear noises late at night, then leave you're wife and family to go look for licence plate numbers? Sweet deal.
    Maybe that's because warning shots are a bad idea...
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    Quote Originally Posted by GunGeezer View Post
    In Florida, the Castle Law extends to the limit of one's property. However, I wouldn't want to go to court with nothing more than "he set foot on my property so I shot him".
    There's a huge difference between home invasion and simple trespassing. Research FL Castle Doctrine and it says it applies to using deadly force inside the home, auto, place of business, and anyplace you have the right to be. Quote: "The castle doctrine applies if you are attacked in your own home by an intruder." No where does it mention outside property. Unless there's immediate and clear threat to life, it's not a good idea to pop off shots at anyone simply standing on "property."
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    Quote Originally Posted by BikerRN View Post
    Given that even out in the boonies you are responsible for every round fired, and where it ends up, it is generally a bad idea to give "warning shots".

    Having been lost, or broken down, in the boonies and having to walk upon a farm house in the middle of nowhere before, it would not be looked upon favorably by your's truly if you were to discharge a weapon while I was walking up to your house. Also, this practice of "warning shots" goes against the standard rules of gun safety.

    You need to know what your target is, and what lies beyond your target. I'm not there to steal, but I can understand the frustration of the homeowners, and even empathise with them. The thing is, introducing a gun on an unknown is a good way to have things go real bad, real fast.
    My shots to scare off animals hit the berm that is the backstop for my handgun range. Behind it is 900+ acres of state forestry lands. I know where ALL my shots go.
    To get to my driveway someone has to come nearly two miles up a dirt road off the closest road. No one comes 2 miles up an obscure dirt road looking for aid. Anyone coming to my house has to come through 200 yards of densely forested driveway the entry is clearly posted with a no trespass sign that in part says
    All persons entering this property must hold contract or invitation with the owner or tenant granting egress with indemnity. Any intrusion beyond this point without said contract or invitation is unlawful and will be seen as an attack with intent to trespass, extort, harass, oppress, threaten, intimidate, injure, mutilate, molest, or otherwise jeopardize the rights safety and life of the owner/tenant .............. Violators will be dealt with as hostile intruders
    By proceeding they have declared their intent to harm me and mine. By the time they have read the sign I have them on video camera, sensors have alerted me to their presence. Once they enter the clearing to my yard they are hit with spot lights so that they can clearly see the red blossoms appearing on their chest. I know where all my shoots go, as I said my warning shots to trespassers are COM.

    Quote Originally Posted by 9MMare View Post
    We can shoot people to protect livestock? Or just other predators?
    Lethal force is justified in the state of Washington
    A) In defense of self and others,
    B) to stop malicious trespass
    C) to protect property
    D) to stop a felony
    E) to detain a dangerous felon that the shooter has reason to believe would be a danger to others if they escaped. Such as a rapist who is running away from committing a rape

    Livestock is property so yes you can shoot someone to protect your property. If someone is on your property illegally ie with out an invitation, warrant or your consent you can shoot them in defense of self, others and your property. Some years ago a thirteen year old boy was caught climbing through a guys window. He was shot and killed, it was a no bill, the shooter was not detained arrested or charged. Last summer a couple came home to find someone in their home. The intruders were shot and killed, it was a no bill, the shooter was not detained arrested or charged.

    I am not a lawyer. This is my opinion based upon my understanding of my attorney explanation of the law to me. Consult your own lawyer to obtain your own understanding of the law and your responsibilities.
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    Don't even go there--it is irresponsible and wrong, wrong, wrong. If you are in danger of bodily injury or death you fire at the slime. If you have time to just fire into the air or whatever, you have time to remove yourself from the situation. If you hit someone, say goodbye to your freedom and your possessions.

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    I have done it once, and It wasn't "Little Billy" looking for his dog, or "an old man having a heart attack" It was someone in "my woods" shooting a shotgun in the direction of my house. My two 45 ACP rounds went into the ground about 10 feet from my porch and in a different direction. They weren't legally hunting, because there was no hunting season in at that time of year(Spring) and they were on posted land, plus, it was just after 11PM. And, oh yes, there was no more shots fired after my two

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