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This is a discussion on 12:00 give me your money ! within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Forward motion is the quickest move, so close the distance, and try to lock out his right arm with my left arm. If successful, at ...

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Thread: 12:00 give me your money !

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    Forward motion is the quickest move, so close the distance, and try to lock out his right arm with my left arm. If successful, at contact range, drawing weapon and firing. If lockout is unsuccessful, BG's one handed grip now has to turn sideways to shoot, which takes time and is awkward. Hopefully, he doesn't want to discharge his weapon in his own face, so he lowers it to shoot the side, which takes more time. In the time it takes for BG to discharge his weapon, draw weapon, at contact range hit with 100% of my shots, and quickly.
    We run this drill often, and only the sharpest assailants can beat it.

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    I think that there are quite a few factors in any of the defensive "methods" discussed so far which are in addition to training and practice. They are individual attributes such as, agility, balance, fast twitch muscles, mental reaction speed, draw speed, willingness, deceptive ability and probably several more. An honest personal evaluation of these attributes will go a long ways toward helping one decide if these types of defensive "methods" are within the realm of practicality for the individual.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yeti View Post
    Wow !
    I'm impressed !
    Now think of this , most people that are robbing you at gun point have been locked up ,
    guess what they train in prison ! Not only lift weights but , but have the oppurnity to discuss how to rob you blind at gun point , guess who taught the class ...
    At minimum they are desperate and most likely trained at getting there arse beat in the " hood"
    you have training with who ?
    That's right this cat has had his arse whipped from moms dads , his brother , uncle , and almost every body in the hood !

    I can not belive I did not hear , your only advantige is your edicuation and will !
    Dan brings up some good points here.

    And why the heck can't we keep thugs in jail in solitary confinement?

    (or have pursuit laws that allow you to chase down and eliminate the thug after he flees, as he is still armed and still a threat to you and anyone else - wishful thinking...)

    Plus if some moves have an 80% fail rate, why are they even taught at all?
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    Guess what? A nervous, highly adrenaline pumped Bad Guy with his gun in your face and his finger on the trigger...You're liable to get shot in the head anyway even if it's not intention on his part.

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    Hey, just watch Tom Cruse as the hit man in Collateral shoot the 2 thugs stealing his brief case in the ally.....watch it 100 times in slow motion.........and you will be ready, right!

    In reality guys you have about a 95 percent chance of ending up in the morgue in the OP's original scenario.
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    Dan brings up some good points here.
    ill take briggin rights on the quote , however me likes the way dan thinks as well
    as far as convicted felons Joe Arpaio is my hero and if ya dont know ... http://www.dui.com/dui-library/arizo...ressed-in-pink
    this man is so full of win ! .. if you dont know how he runs his ship google it ... amazing ... prisoners must have access to cable tv , so he allows disney and the weather channel so they know how hot it is gonna be on the chain gang the next day , started a female chain gang as so he could not be held liable for discrimination !!!!! food , velveta cheez , as so you insides get blocked up and we dont have to keep cleaning the toilets !!!!! ....... almost as good as mel gibson

    as far as todays prison system goes , humans are being sold on the stock market now in the form of private prisons , it only makes sense as a share holder to let their employees "learn their trade " , it almost 100% chance once released they will be back in the system again , which creates , more money for share holders ...

    this needs to be changed ...

    derailed my own thread ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdsumner View Post
    I just hate the written (texted) word as the little nuances are lost. Yeah, this is always educational, and at times entertaining.

    Was the video I posted in my first response close to the situation you were attempting to set up?


    just saw the video , funny enough , as i recall that was in brooklyn - bushwick housing to be exact / - i had a studio 2 blocks from there , and was a bad bad bad bad place to be , not to mention guns are illegal in ny !!!!!! and it would land you 2 years in the slammer if you were carrying !

    however the armed man did not seem to be 'trained ' yet very comfy sticking a gun at your head

    the kids were having fun , smiles on faces , bg with finger thru the trigger , if you were cc you just lost every thing , and most likely been shot with your own weapon out of sport

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