Road Rage Randomness

Road Rage Randomness

This is a discussion on Road Rage Randomness within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I saw one of my friends has posted a notice on Facebook that he was indirectly involved in a high speed chase that ended in ...

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Thread: Road Rage Randomness

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    Road Rage Randomness

    I saw one of my friends has posted a notice on Facebook that he was indirectly involved in a high speed chase that ended in a crash. I later read about it in the paper, and he posted his own account of it, which I will copy here. I think this goes to show us that you really can be a victim at any time, for no apparent reason, this time just driving a similar truck to the bad guys "enemy" was enough. I think for the most part the person getting chased did an alright job, especially getting to the police station.

    "OK...... Here is the story. last night on the way home from fall river, i was following my friend on 195 when this car comes flying up from behind and pulls on the side of my friend.. The person in the passenger side of this car starts throwing full unopened beer cans at my friends truck. my friend makes a quick exit on exit 4 and i follow. the car throwing beer cans was in the middle lane and couldn't take the exit. They jack on the brakes skidding down the highway, and then reverse to take exit 4 where this moron is trying to pass me on the off ramp. we get off the off ramp on to 103 and the car pulls into the on coming traffic lane to the left of me and passes trying to push me off the road. i slow and let him go past. He then pulls on the side of my friend again and is trying to push him off the road and proceeds to throw more unopened beer cans at him. my friend makes a right at the appliance center and speeds up to try and lose these ********. the car follows and pulls on the side again and continues throwing beer cans. now they are both doing like 60 down garners neck rd taking up both lanes. as they start to come up on the intersection at garners neck and rt 6 the car falls back a lil and gets behind my friend who is also slowing for the light and i am behind both of them. the light turns yellow and my friend goes, the car of course guns it and pulls on the rite of him where he tries to pass and block the road. he slams into the passenger side of my friends truck. my friend who was trying to avoid the collision was forced to turn left up rt6 when he was trying to go straight and then pull into the police station. so after the collision my friend speeds up on rt 6 to try and lose these guys once again they of course catch up, pull on the side and throw more beer cans. so my friend takes a quick rite onto Michael st on the side of Texaco. The car who was to far left to make the turn going as fast as they were passed it. i took the rite and got back behind my friend. a few seconds later i see headlights coming up from behind and quick, so i pull to the middle of the road and slow down. the car pulls into a lawn on the left of me an almost smashes head on into a telephone pole. now my friend has a decent lead on these retards so they are flying to try and catch up as they are catching up my friend pulls into the Swansea pd and stops.. they are about to do the same until they realized it was a police station. they kept going i pulled in and ran in to grab an officer. an officer comes out, hops in his car, and ask which way they went. as i am telling him witch way they went, these idiots come driving back by the police station when clearly i yell "THAT'S THEM!!!" the cop turns on his lights and pulls out. the car however speeds up and takes a right past the Jr high. they got the guys and we spent a few hours filling out police reports.. To top this whole ordeal off, turns out one of these 3 losers got beet up or something at some club or bar in fall river, and the guys that did it jumped into a black truck.. they just attacked the first black truck they saw.. isn't that just lovely???

    What do you guys think? This was in RI, by the way.
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    Holy paragraph batman.

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    Wow what a night, at least the idiots were caught.
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    I don't like beets but if this had happened to me. I would have been on the phone with 911.

    If 911 was not an option I'm not sure what I would have done but they most likely would have been looking down the business end of my Glock 27.

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    What do you guys think? This was in RI, by the way.
    A car chasing me while trying to ram me off the road is a sure way for someones mother to be crying that night and it wouldn't be mines. I'm glad that the police was dead on the problem. What were they charged with?
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    At the point they are attacking me with beer cans and their car, it may be time to throw something back at them. Might depend on the area I was in too. I wonder if a nudge to the rear quarter works as well on the street as it does in Nascar?
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    ADW with a vehicle would definitely require a response. Circumstances at the time would determine exactly what.

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    Wow, you just never know, crazy ********
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    Hiding inside a bottle of Jim Beam Black in S. FL.
    That's a good way to get shot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    That's a good way to get shot.
    Exactly what I was thinking...
    Semper Fi

    "The gun is the great equalizer... For it is the gun, that allows the meek to repel the monsters; Whom are bigger, stronger and without conscience, prey on those who without one, would surely perish."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guantes View Post
    ADW with a vehicle would definitely require a response. Circumstances at the time would determine exactly what.

    The idiots are lucky.

    Lucky in that they weren't, nor anybody else, crippled or killed in an MVA. They are also lucky that they have no new "ventilation holes" in them. This could've gone wrong on so many levels that I hate to even think about the "what if's" in this case.

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    I had the same thing (not as crazy) happen to me. Some dude chasing me through town trying to run me off the road, I drove to the local PD and ran into the station, and the dude followed me into the parking lot. and it turned out the truck I was driving looked like a guys that just picked up "His Old Lady" at the local tavern.
    I never seen this crazy dude or his "Old lady"

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    I've had similar happen .Years ago, before I was carrying, I was 17 or 18 years old. At the time, my buddy and I were avid in the street racing scene locally, and knew the vast majority of locals. To keep a long story short, he got into a misunderstanding with someone. We ended up trying to high tail it out of there, and go chased by two, yes TWO cars working together trying to stop us. Of course, they both had to be much quicker than my buddys old car we were in. One was behind us, the other got next to us and kept swerving right towards our right front fender and slamming on the brakes trying to get us to stop or hit him. The closest police station I was aware of was about 25 minutes away from where we were, we made a quick exit to the highway, lost ONE of the cars, the other stayed on us,and halfway towards our exit car B had caught back up with us. We made it to the police station, ran the red light to turn left into the police station. Unfortunately the plates we gave them were not registered. I never saw those guys again that I am aware of. I remeber y buddy had two 2/3 way full large mcdonalds cups of quarters sitting in the cupholders, and regretting not throwing them out the windows at the guys chasing us. I'll never forgot how I thought I was going to die that night.

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    It's amazing what people do after a little 'liquid superman'...I'm glad that my liquid superman days are decades past.
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