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This is a discussion on dog attack, lawsuit within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; You need to reference the laws of the state where you live/work/recreate as when carrying. Positions on this vary state to state. For example here ...

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Thread: dog attack, lawsuit

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    You need to reference the laws of the state where you live/work/recreate as when carrying.

    Positions on this vary state to state.
    For example here in MA as written into statute there is a whole section specific to dogs threatening humans, and livestock (the only property in MA specifically allowed to use lethal force to defend).

    In MA a dog does not have to be actually attacking as in biting/scratching/physically in contact with you or another to allow under statute it's being killed, as defense by a non-LEO civilian.
    It only has to to be threatening toward a human as off it's owners property [A very important to know & understand caveat] and/or to be 'worrying' livestock that you yourself actually own/care for [No shooting for sake of your neighbors livestock or some other third person].

    If a human is placed into fear by such a specific species, they then under MA law are allowed to kill it. It is literally called that in so many words "Kill" in the statute. The law is very clear on this in straight English.
    But defense of domestic animals [non-farming purpose animals such as pleasure horses] and pets [cat, dog, rabbits kept outside, etc.] by lethal force is not allowed. As relevant to say walking your dog and having another dog attack your dog but give you the human no focus at all.

    How do I or anyone else know this? You go to your state legislature website and read the statutes.
    For any person who carrys on the streets this is IMHO _very important_.

    As to dogs in specific a couple of years ago I'd posted in a thread a detailed analysis of dog on man victimization figures as provided by the CDC, sourced from reportings of states hospital incident reports.
    That does not include primary care doctor visits as well as unreported and heal at home incidents.

    Unfortunately as result of the recent site update the search function does not operate correctly if at all.
    But a query for same using Google against this site brings it up as cached.

    C L I C K H E R E

    The end of the day analysis is that for a given US citizen from birth to death, they are far more likely to suffer attack by a canine be it a 'pet' of their own, someone elses or that of a 'wild' (un-retained) dog and by that to require on the inside hospital attendance (stitches) if not actual hospitalization & attendant care.

    Do not sleep on dogs. You have been told.

    - Janq
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    Quote Originally Posted by jzattack View Post
    You come across a huge, vicious dog (such as a pit bull) without a leash on, and running at you, obviously wanting to take a chunk out of you. You pull your weapon, fire a shot into the dog, it goes down.

    Can the owner of the dog sue you for damages regardless of whether the dog dies or not?
    If you can't prove the highlighted section..... he could sue you, depends upon many factors whether he would win.
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    This is a real good topic. I love dogs but when the attack it's the owners problem. Its tough to defend against a dog because they seem to have more rights than us. Now, if it is a mutt I can kick well I will, but if we are talking more aggressive breeds then I have to do what I have to do. I just avoid dogs that seem aggressive, be watchful and get out of the way, too much hassle if you have to draw.
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    I am not going to let a huge, vicious dog that is coming aggressively at me, bite me first. That much I am sure of. A pit bull coming at me and not on a leash is going to get smoked. I have full confidence in my articulation skills.

    In the DC area there was a recent incident in which an off-duty officer is jammed up over shooting a dog at a dog park:

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    That 911 tape from the article is going to bury him, IMHO.

    The off-duty officer has alleged that the dog he shot attacked HIM. But the 911 tape never mentions any threat towards a human. "I just discharged my weapon to a dog that was attacking my dog" at the 0:18 mark.

    He's going to be looking at an expensive civil litigation experience after the criminal charges are resolved, I suspect.

    Battle Plan (n) - a list of things that aren't going to happen if you are attacked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bladenbullet View Post
    not sure if youve actually witnessed or experienced an actual dog attack but the arm...unlike in the movies and tv...isnt always their plan of attack...presented or not...and once they latch on it isnt as easy as just whipping the knife out and sticking it in them...its up there with shoving your fist down their throat to choke em off...when theyre nawwing on it your body isnt quite as capable as you might think it will be....
    Yes, I have. I performed item 2 without item 1 having happened. It (German Shepherd) leapt at me (walking on the sidewalk), teeth bared, I already had my knife in hand (dark night in inner-city Pittsburgh); it was over in a split second. Dog bled out in the street, while I went home to the dorm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jzattack View Post
    Can the owner of the dog sue you for damages regardless of whether the dog dies or not?
    Bottom line? Anyone can sue anyone for anything.
    Now, whether they win is another story.

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