Hey, I'm a night owl. And like others, I'm not held hostage by the sun. I frequently go out late at night. I work a 24 hour shift so whether on duty or off, I don't stay home just because it's late night.

However, I don't flirt with danger needlessly. I would have gotten my drink at the drive through at Taco Bell. If all I was getting was an 89 cent drink at the "stop n rob" I find that to be a needless stop in a danger area. Now I wouldn't hesitate if I needed other stuff like a can of chew or something else, but I don't just pop in late night when I can get a drink at the drive through restaurant I intend to go to anyway.

If you had a feeling the fellow in the "stop n rob" might be there to rob it, I sure as heck wouldn't have gone up to the ATM and stick my card in it to check my balance! The fact that he didn't immediately walk up behind you and make you withdraw the maximum out of your account pretty much let me know he wasn't there to rob the place. If I were a robber faced with the same situation, I would figure I'd get more from the dude at the ATM than the guy behind the counter since most places don't keep more than $40-$60 in the register after dark.