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Thread: Not my job

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    Local news stories

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    When were you born Treo? I have zero recollection if either event made the paper - in large cities that kind of thing doesn't make the news. They both happened before anyone ever heard of PCs, let alone the Internet.
    Maybe I can give you my social security number and you can check my credit too.

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    Not my job . . . to referee either.

    Stuck with this thread for days-interested in the thoughts of members about coming to the aid of victim(s) of evil happening in my presence/proximity.

    This is where I jump off. Thanks for everyone's input. Hope you guys work it out.
    "It is easier to resist at the beginning than at the end"____Leonardo da Vinci 1452-1519

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    Wow what a read, lots of good and some not so good thoughts going on here !
    Just a few little things to think about, every situation is different, that's why the LEO can't be trained for every situation, he/she gets trained some to think fast on his/her feet, and do what's right for the
    current situatiion, believe me you get grilled in these types of situations during oral boards for advancement, ie from patrolmen to watch commander, you better have the right answers.
    But this is in an office of your experienced seniors, board members, members of your chain of command. You still have to think for yourself and be ready for the monday morning quarterbacking that
    will happen in any bad situation, thankfully in my experience the board was made up of only other senior Military LEO's. so the been there done that mentality helped out. They know you have to
    be the one making the final decision on anything you do, how hard you slam them down on the ground to cuff them, where and how hard you used your battan, if you had to draw your service weapon.
    If you managed to stay within the spirit of the law in the handling of the situation, including the statement that you double locked the cuffs. If you followed your training and did it right, then you went home
    feeling better. I hope I'm not rambling here, but our department seniors had a few sayings such as, Do what you got to do !. And explain it later if someone is beefing the issue.
    So for you non experienced civilian types, Non Military or non Leo, you are still going to be judged by your actions, so do the best you can if you have to, just pray that you never have to use
    deadly force. It's painful for everybody no matter their backround or training, military or civilian Leo. it's painful so Think real hard about ever using your firearm for anything. Remember, you don't get
    a redo in real life so once you get involved in any shoot situation no matter the outcome, you have to live with this the rest of your life.

    Remember this one. Do what you have to Do !

    Duane USN/ret

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    Thanks All, lots of information and things to Think about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BikerRN View Post
    Unless you are affecting me and mine, I seriously doubt that I will intervene with a firearm.
    This right here. Exactly. Where is THEIR gun, training, less than lethal options, situational awareness, etc? I take the time, expense (hardware, ammo, training, etc) and will ONLY suffer potential future legal/criminal complications to protect ME and MINE alone. Complete strangers can do just as well for themselves. Jump on me if you want because I don't care. I'm no longer military and never was I sworn law enforcement. Another vote for NOT my job.

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    My job is raising my family and living life the best I can. Part of that is being able to look myself in the mirror and know that I've tried to be the best man I can. The only recognition I care about is what is in my children's faces. I doubt I could look them in the eyes and not feel shame and disgust for myself if I didn't help someone in true peril if I had the means to. If some may feel that is foolish, idiotic or stupid, that's ok, I'm not looking at you in the mirror.
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