Finding yourself in a remote Marijuana Farm.... that is Guarded

Finding yourself in a remote Marijuana Farm.... that is Guarded

This is a discussion on Finding yourself in a remote Marijuana Farm.... that is Guarded within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This is my first real post so here goes....... Two weeks ago my girlfriend and I decided to go out in the Pine Valley Mtns ...

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Thread: Finding yourself in a remote Marijuana Farm.... that is Guarded

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    Finding yourself in a remote Marijuana Farm.... that is Guarded

    This is my first real post so here goes.......
    Two weeks ago my girlfriend and I decided to go out in the Pine Valley Mtns to a place called Pinto Springs for some camping and exploring. Pinto Springs is in the Dixie Nat. Forest so one can camp pretty much anywhere. We spend a few hours that day riding dirt roads, jeep tracks....looking for an ideal spot to squat for the night and the more remote the better. I'm not really digging the area and I keep noticing another truck with three males inside( plain, white truck) that keeps going back and forth on the main dirt road that I keep returning to and exiting. I mention to my girlfriend that I don't like the way the area 'FEELS' and we end up heading farther west and eventually find a cool place to camp for the night.
    A few days ago a buddy hands me the local newspaper and lo and behold all over the front page.....thats right.....Pot farm busted in Pinto Springs....4,000 or so plants and two guys armed with shot guns guarding it. Well whaddaya know. The grow site was busted a week after we were in the area. I take the paper and show it to my GF and explain that had we camped and gone hiking that weekend around Pinto Springs we very well could have stumbled upon this grow site and might have had to deal with these fellas.
    I/WE spend ALOT of time camping/hiking in remote areas and I always, ALWAYS carry because 'Life' can happen at any moment and that possible incident that could have happened to us in Pinto just reinforces the carry mantra.
    Now I'm going to quote a piece from the newspaper (Spectrum) in regards to those fellas with the shotguns: "The men were Mexican nationals with residences in the Las Vegas area and were allegedly cultivating on behalf of a transnational organization. They are with a Mexican drug trafficking organization whose command and control is not in Utah. This is something orchestrated outside of this country".
    Well, I have to be honest. I can't really say what I would do if I had to face two guys with shotguns and I had my G26 or G19. Not to mention having my GF with me. Oh, and the fact that we stumbled onto an illegal pot farm whose proprietors happen to be possible Mexican Cartel. Run like hell would probably be my very first option. Run, call 911, get to truck, get AWAY, get police. Man, I don't know. There are a million variables and engagement only seems like 'do or die' scenario
    So there you have it. I have been dwelling on this for a week now and I thought it might be appropriate to post here. So what would any of you do if you suddenly found yourself standing in an illegal, remote pot farm and two fellas with shotguns appear and you have your GF or BF with you?

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    I'd probably vamanos and call the cops. If the guys with shotties drew down on me I'd hit the deck with my pistol spitting lead at them.

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    Next time don't forget the 'papers.'

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    Interesting scenario. Good job on your situational awareness and trusting your instincts. One could argue that you had every right to be there, but I'll take a little infringement on my personal space over a gun fight any day. Personally, I actually take it a step further and only camp/hunt on property that is either owned by me/friends/family. That way I know that anybody that I bump into has no business being there, and I can choose to address them accordingly (or not).

    Of course, that doesn't eliminate the chance of walking into a pot field that somebody is growing on my property. It just reduces it. It's a dangerous world out there. It's why I carry.
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    Not many options here. Get outta there fast. Or if fired back and head for cover. At least my wife could shoot back too

    Welcome to the forum!

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    How fast can you drive? because that's what I would do.
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    You got lucky. You were smart... You get to live another day. Ain't life grand?

    The urban jungle is spreading to the "wide open spaces," the forests, and our public lands... In Arizona, they tried to stop the madness, or at least, slow it down... and the FEDERALES say "No Way, José!"

    When does our country become our country again?
    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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    Build a nice campfire...Make sure your tent is set up down wind with the flaps open...Have plenty of munchies!!! Hope the guards don't find you and the G/F ...
    Sometimes in life you have to stand your ground. It's a hard lesson to learn and even most adults don't get it, but in the end only I can be responsible for my life. If faced with any type of adversity, only I can overcome it. Waiting for someone else to take responsibility is a long fruitless wait.

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    I am also new to the forum and haven't posted much. But this scenario is very similar to the reason I started carrying about 4 months ago. I work in remote areas for the power company, always alone. Quite often no one even knows my general location, I wouldn't be missed until everyone goes home for the night and my vehicle is still in the parking lot! I know the world is a dangerous place, and I know things like this happen under our noses even though people don't believe it.

    I am interterested in hearing everyone's response to this, although so far I agree with the answers. If possible, leave as quickly as you can. I just try to run the worst case scenarios thru my head every day, "what if this happens", "what if that happens". Hopefully I will be ready and make the right choice.

    I know one thing, there are some awful remote areas out here that people who live in town would never believe!

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    We have the grow operations in the forest around here also. You just back up carefully and call LEO. You have to be careful of boobie traps with the grow operations, so watch your step.

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    My mother says she was hunting with my grandfather once when he simply reversed course and left the dog they were following in the woods. Moonshiners.

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    Back in the 80s & 90s a buddy and I had permission for hunting mushrooms, ginseng and deer on several acreages because of problems with pot growers who would sneak onto property and plant patches ranging from 1/4 to 1 acre in size. If spotted by the National Guard "pot patrol" helos the land owner was in jeopardy of property forfeiture so we had full access and destroyed patches every year.

    People use to laugh at us for going mushroom hunting kitted out like we were going on a military patrol; camo, web gear, side arms, ARs, extra mags, machetes etc. We had a few encounters with threats and on 2 occasions warning/intimidation shots were fired on both sides. Before anyone says something about going looking for trouble this was all withing 3 miles of where my buddy lived with full knowledge of the sheriff of the county which was the 2nd poorest and geographically the largest in the state, so keeping that kind of influence out of the neighborhood was self protection because the sheriff had no chance of doing it, and we weren't the only ones in that part of the county. We did help keep the problem to a minimum in that area because it was easier for them to go elsewhere and it was trouble free money they were looking for.

    Due to not only pot growing but meth cooking as well I NEVER go out in the woods without being armed and ready for a firefight. I have a a F350 4X4 and a camper that slides into the back, when I take it out west and wonder the BLM and National Forest lands, I carry a small armory.

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    You were lucky you listened to your 6th sense,I guarantee you that had you stumbled on their grow operation you would have disappeared,Drug Cartels and their members are ruthless and wouldn't think twice about killing anybody that might get in their way
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    --Mayor Marion Barry, Washington , DC .

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    "The men were Mexican nationals with residences in the Las Vegas area and were allegedly cultivating on behalf of a transnational organization.
    With all due sarcasm, they were just mexican peons looking to come to America for an honest days work to feed their families.

    Any Jose, Maria, or whatever name they are using this week is here to sponge off America, legally or illegally. It's a very scary feeling to realize you've wandered into the middle of a cash crop, and don't know if they have you in their scope, and if they do, are they going to shoot, shovel, and shut-up?

    Not to turn this into a political thread, but your situation shows how important it is that the government gets a handle on the border situation, and quickly, or allow the citizens of this country to do what needs to be done without fear of repercussions from our ineffective governmant. You listened to your sixth sense, and are to be commended for that. Too many people ignore their senses and "feelings" in matters such as this, and some even end up dead.

    Shotgun vs. Handgun is a no brainer, as the shotgun will win every time up close. Your advantage, if they are using shotguns, is to increase the distance and fire from what is generally considered rifle range. There are some nice flat shooting handgun calibers, and loads, that while not generally thought of as the traditional solution to the problem can be made to work in a pinch. This is a great incentive to get some longer range practice in. I'd work on head shots at 25 Yards and torso shots at 50, 75 and 100 Yards. It can be important to know where your rounds hit at longer distances.

    Situations like this are best avoided. That is not to say that one shouldn't go camping and enjoying our great outdoors. One just needs to be aware of the dangers and deal with them appropriately. Take care and stay safe.


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    Regrettably this is happening all over the country. I live in eastern North Carolina and less than three miles down the road from me the SO found a large operation, they removed and destroyed the plants but they did not catch the growers. Around here even drift fishing down the river you should be prepared for just about anything.
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