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This is a discussion on VA Disability and SD within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Thank you EvilMonk for your active service . . . and the continuing sacrifice you make because of the consequences of that service. 21bubba and ...

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Thread: VA Disability and SD

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    Thank you EvilMonk for your active service . . . and the continuing sacrifice you make because of the consequences of that service.

    21bubba and loboleather have said it.

    I'll bet you have already read Dave Grossman's books: "On Killing" & "On Combat", but if not, I reccommend them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by loboleather View Post

    if you are ever involved in a self-defense situation your only statement to responding officers should be something like this: "I was in fear for my life and I was forced to defend myself. I need to speak to an attorney now".

    Shut up, lawyer up, and let the nice pit-bull in a good suit do all of your talking for you. Don't try to explain yourself, your disability, or anything else.

    Bingo! + 1

    And IMHO that's all one needs to think about before an altercation (e.g., fear for my life or the lives of other innocent folk, like family) and that's the real reason for training -- once th e trigger point is reached the training kicks in and you are on auto-pilot.

    As for PTSD becoming a liability, I had a good friend who years after 'nam was a very successful engineer (GI Bili w/ no problems in college), family man, local civic leader, etc. He had had no "typical" PTSD symptoms and later acknowledged that he looked down on some who had them as weak or playing-the-game for benefits, etc. Then one day he had his first flash back in a store, injuring someone w/o true cause. By point? As for being "a bomb waiting to go off", you are not alone. Not even just those who know they are PTSD aren't the only ones who are "a bomb waiting to go off."

    As for the rest of the story, there were no criminal charges brought and no civil awards beyond the typical "actual cost for medical expenses, lost income, etc."

    INAL nor a Doctor, but your VA record "as non-violent and non-medicated" would work in your favor, IMHO -- e.g., like my friend you were not reckless in ignoring a known problem. You have it on medical advice that you are non-violent and you know you are not medicated.

    I have no idea of KT law, but Virginia the law reorganizes the need to restore gun right:

    § 18.2-308.1:3. Purchase, possession or transportation of firearm by persons involuntarily admitted or ordered to outpatient treatment; penalty.


    B. Any person prohibited from purchasing, possessing or transporting firearms under this section may, at any time following his release from involuntary admission to a facility, his release from an order of mandatory outpatient treatment, or his release from voluntary admission pursuant to § 37.2-805 following the issuance of a temporary detention order, petition the general district court in the city or county in which he resides to restore his right to purchase, possess or transport a firearm. A copy of the petition shall be mailed or delivered to the attorney for the Commonwealth for the jurisdiction where the petition was filed who shall be entitled to respond and represent the interests of the Commonwealth. The court shall conduct a hearing if requested by either party. If the court determines that the circumstances regarding the disabilities referred to in subsection A and the person's criminal history, treatment record, and reputation are such that the person will not likely act in a manner dangerous to public safety and that granting the relief would not be contrary to the public interest, the court shall grant the petition. Any person denied relief by the general district court may petition the circuit court for a de novo review of the denial. Upon a grant of relief in any court, the court shall enter a written order granting the petition, in which event the provisions of subsection A shall no longer apply. The clerk of court shall certify and forward forthwith to the Central Criminal Records Exchange, on a form provided by the Exchange, a copy of any such order.
    If someone actually previously admitted for in-patient mental treatment can later own/carry a gun, then someone who was diagnosed "as non-violent and non-medicated" should, IMHO, not worry about "Post Game Analysis" or other second guessing.
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    I am neither an attorney-at-law nor I do play one on television or on the internet. No one should assumes my opinion is legal advice.

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    To all:

    I appreciate the words of wisdom and kindness both. The "lawyer up" strategy will be the path I take if I ever have to perform the unfortunate act of self-defense. It does go against my nature of being honest to a fault, but I did learn in the USMC to keep my mouth shut when it is required. Honesty can come later with the lawyer, right?

    I haven't read the recommended books I'm sorry to say. I've seen combat and the soul crushing madness that it can inflict on the unwary. I guess I would just rather live a quiet life with my memories only surfacing occasionally. I avoid books, movies, and other various media depictions/anecdotes of war because I like dry eyes and a steady chin. Training is one thing, seeing the images in my head relived is another thing entirely...
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    Well, I am disabled vet and I would caution you in regards to giving your percentage online and the over all issues that you are raising. Why, well as a fellow vet, let me tell you if you ever have to use a weapon in the sense you are talking they will take your computer and see your posts. Your 70% does little to protect you. You are capable. I avoid issues and have learned through classes to calm myself. Why? because it's not worth it. Your disability and your military service is not a license to kill. That's for Hollywood.
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