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This is a discussion on Standing Ground In National Forest within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by SIGguy229 No issues with what you did...But I probably would have moved my campsite elsewhere. Who is to say they didn't plan ...

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Thread: Standing Ground In National Forest

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIGguy229 View Post
    No issues with what you did...But I probably would have moved my campsite elsewhere. Who is to say they didn't plan on coming back while you were sleeping?
    Yeah. I think a move of a few miles might be a good idea, I'm sure there is lots of available land and other suitable camp sites. If these guys had been really harden criminal they could easily have come back late at night and a tent doesnt offer much in the way of ballistics protection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaplain Scott View Post
    ...he mentioned that he had a really creepy feeling about the situation. All I can say is PAY ATTENTION TO THAT LITTLE VOICE in the back of your head whispering to you!!!
    I'm not saying that he did anything wrong by retrieving his guns and watching for their return. I was just pointing out that sometimes that gut feeling is wrong and things are just a misunderstanding. However, as you said, never ignore it even if it could be wrong.

    As others have pointed out, though, some members have jumped straight over to the "string concertina wire across the road, set up a defensive perimeter, and call in an air strike" extreme as if the guys on the ATV had pointed their guns at the two and said, "we're going to drive down this road, turn around, and come back to kill you."

    I think the OP did fine, although as others have pointed out if you were genuinely creeped out by the situation you should have moved camp.
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    Quote Originally Posted by glockman10mm View Post
    He did the right thing. Like Olvet said, it wasn't a Recon vs Spetnaz type of encounter, like it's being made out to be. Although this incident may have been more dramatic for someone not used to confrontations, there are others that would have just told them to hit the???$&!$ road. From the sound of it, it was probably just a couple of bubbas taking advantage of a beautiful sighting in nature, while out scouting for a hunting place. It is more. about your resolve and intestinal fortitude than any weaponry you display. People can "sense" when you are not one to fool with. Even stupid inbreds get this.
    I would have to agree with the above. I camp all the time and I hunt as well, guys will be guys and the hunters were probably just scouting and liked what they saw, turned around after remembering a spot with better chances of spotting whatever they were hunting or ran into a non negotiable obstacle and had to come back through your direction, and if they get another look at a beautiful woman, why not...Bonus, no harm intended.
    I think it was good to be prepared and a camp move would have been in order for "just in case" reasons, But I for one refuse to run and hide every time someone shows up and acts like a typical person out with their buddies. If you don't know hunting camps, there is ALOT of Testostrone running around. JMHO. Safe not Paranoid.
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    Glad it turned out OK for you and your GF....... I probably would have moved to another campsite... stay safe..

    Be Alert and Stay Safe


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    If you moved your camp everytime some duffases drive by and creep you out, you'd be moving all the time----that's why I don't go on public land. Having said that, I might have moved, but overall, I think you did well. I too, would have probably moved to cover at the tree line or rocks or whatever to determine their intentions, and have a defendable position, but maybe you didn't have time. Man, that AK gets peoples attention though doesn't it? Hehe

    Sometimes I'm worried MORE by those good ole beer drinking boys, than real criminals. Real criminals feast on unarmed sheeple--they want it easy. Sometimes, those "good ole boys" will go back, drink a 12 pack, and then goad one another into going back to your tent and seeing what will happen. Know what I mean? If possible I'd have got waaaay off the trail, so if you hear the ATV coming to your position, you know it is intentional, and plus they can't say they were just using the road/trail.

    Having a good looking woman around is a magnet for trouble, usually by no fault of theirs, it just attracts a bad element. Some "new" Cowboys are the worst I've found around home (not real gentlemen cowboys) my Dad called them "steerjockeys" , but now we have the bangers too. I can usually defuse the cowboys, because I'm kinda one myself, and know what to say and how to say it, but with these new types of ganstas, I don't know.

    But good job dude. I think the sight of that AK, and the lady OUTof sight was a good thing.

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    The Ak while universally recognized, sometimes in a bad light, insures recognition of your seriousness.

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