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How much does one take

This is a discussion on How much does one take within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Old School Back in the early 70's I was working vice/narcotics and my partner who was black use to wear those shirts ...

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Thread: How much does one take

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old School View Post
    Back in the early 70's I was working vice/narcotics and my partner who was black use to wear those shirts all the time. They are called dashekees (not sure of the spelling). It was an era of peace and love and even the white boys wore them.
    Daishiki shirts can be very cool. Particularly ones made in villages and not designed by the big conglomerates for export, the colors, designs and quality of weave can be exceptional. Now and then, I see them in small shops in towns known for hosting "rasta" type music festivals. Having lived a life with a fair amount of open-mindedness and acceptance for the proclivities of others, I've seen quite a lot of variety in dress, speech and actions by folks. Seems normal to me. From time to time, I've had daishikis in my past wardrobe, though none currently. Such dress can be fairly ethnic, in terms of who chooses to wear such items. And so it is. Such differences are some of the few things truly worth celebrating.

    Hard to see what makes it worth fighting over, but some do. If it weren't the colors on the shirt, it would be the length of the work week, or the wife's cooking, or one's lack of future career possibilities, or whatever. To each his own.
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    Hey koooooooz: All kidding aside with many of the replies and, having not read all the replies, I am sure some echo my thoughts, but when you are CCW your responsibilities have increased exponentially. Things that normally might set you off or upset you have to be filed away and forgotten. "Sticks and stones yada yada yada"--bottom line is--has any part of the interraction reached a point of "presumption of imminent threat to your life or great bodily injury"?. Can be a tough call when some morons sort of walk toward you speaking trash but "sticks and stones yada yada yada", IMO, is not cause. You should not even be standing your ground--- IMO you walk away---you avoid--you do everything you can to avoid--all the time yelling that you do not want any trouble (it's called having witnesses hear you)--if you cannot go any further and you must now "face" the moron, the threat has, IMO, been raised and the"presumption of imminent death or great bodily injury" is now waiting for the moron's greater physical presence or beginning actions leading to the presentation of a weapon. NOW you have the right to protect yourself with your CCW. Just sayin---some may agree, some may disagree--that is what I was taught in CCWP class. Easy to talk about, probably hard to accomplish---hope I never have to find out.

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