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Someone asks you for your gun.. Spin off of the banquet thread

This is a discussion on Someone asks you for your gun.. Spin off of the banquet thread within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I don't know any shooters I trust enough to whom I would hand over my only weapon. Backup gun, spare ammo, maybe, but if all ...

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Thread: Someone asks you for your gun.. Spin off of the banquet thread

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    I don't know any shooters I trust enough to whom I would hand over my only weapon. Backup gun, spare ammo, maybe, but if all I have is one gun, it's staying with ME!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BikerRN View Post
    If I knew their level of ability, and trusted their judgement, maybe.

    When my wife was first getting used to handling guns she liked the Glock 19, so I carried that and a Glock 26. My thinking was, "I have something I can arm her with that she can shoot." Now that she is more used to firearms, and a better shot than I, I tell her, "You're a big gal now. Carry your own dang gun, or learn to operate mine." In this situation I may be inclined to give her my High Power and resort to my BUG for the period of time it takes for her to take the shot. Almost anyone else would have to make do with my BUG, if I even trusted them with a gun. Heck, even if I didn't trust them, I'd give them the BUG and use them as cannon fodder.
    As always Biker has the greatest overview of the situation, and a great response!
    I never thought about the "go get em" solution. If the shooter has limited ammo and I can send enough "heros'' his way he might run out of ammo before he gets to my position!

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    I hate hypotheticals that I don't understand.

    You were armed and JD, was not ????

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    I would hang on to my own gun and just take a chance on switching places. My wife is a great shot, but I'd rather take the shot if for no other reason, the possibility of unknown collateral damage or it being ruled a bad shoot (I was born and raised in New York...'nuff said). If anyone was going to have to go to jail, I'd rather it be me than her.

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    With one person in particular, yes, everyone else no.

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    My wife and I have already talked about this. If I can't get to a weapon for some reason, she's 100% agreeable to pass me her gun........ that is, if she can. I don't have any qualms about her taking the shot or whatever, she's capable though willing to cooperate in any way to save our skins. Our decision in how we handle this is based on the trust and respect we have for each other. Other couples may differ, that's fine, everyone is different.

    Looking at this from the other direction, if I were armed and someone else was asking for my weapon? If it were my son or SIL, both of which are very competent, or my wife, I'd gladly let them have it, if it gave us an additional edge somehow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveH View Post
    I hate hypotheticals that I don't understand.

    You were armed and JD, was not ????

    I know.. it was very hard to imagine. Nearly impossible. I had to draw on all of my creative resources just to envision such a scene. lol

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    Well, I for one would catch heck for carrying in the first place (she doesn't want me to carry while with her)... So, she'd be beating me with her parasol or some other handy weapon, whilst I was trying to draw a bead on the BG.

    But, giving Lima the same stick to the rules she gave me... If SO asked for the gun... NO, I would not.

    As to trusted shooting partner, don't have one... moot point.
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    If not my spouse and I know they are as well/better trained than me you bet I'd loan the gun. If I carried a BUG it would be that one but I'd even give up my pet. Why? Because I'd rather they be hiring lawyers and going to court than me! I might be out a gun but guns are cheaper than lawyers. Just thought about it, I loaned him the gun, not give it to him. I'll sue him for the replacement in small claims court. Yeah that's what I'll do. Whata guy, huh?

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    The situation is a great reason to have a back-up gun on you. Then you both have guns.

    It comes down to the phrase, "trusted" shooting partner. I shoot with any number of people who I know to have the requisite accuracy and gun-handling skills. I shoot with a few people who I am pretty sure have already made The Decision that they can, in fact, use lethal force if required. I am not sure there is overlap in the two groups, though...

    If there were someone I trusted like that, though, and I wasn't able to do anything useful with the gun at the time, then yes, I would hand it over. The main risk would be that I might not get it back when I need it, which makes it a really good analogy to the "buddy breathing" scenario in scuba training. Like in scuba, the best solution is still to have a back-up (regulator, in the scuba analogy...).
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    Good question, and one that we have talked about.

    For me to hand it over, I would have to either see with my eyes or hear that he TRULY has an opportunity to make a difference of life and death. He and I both know that I am a better shot than he is in drills, but he has been through real life scenarios which can make up for lower range skills (or so I would imagine anyways).

    Maybe he would tell me, take the shot - and talk me through it. I usually carry a bigger caliber gun.

    But who knows really. Good discussion.

    p.s. we do have his and hers HD shotguns for our own setups and possibilities like this.

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    Since I now carry 2 I would share with someone I knew could use it, I would not share with just anyone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deafdave3 View Post
    I thought I made you bad because you didn't respond. I may have reacted too soon.

    premature reactulation..............
    "No man in the wrong can stand up against a fellow that's in the right and keeps on a-comin."
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    As fast as these things happen I cannot see that giving my gun away would help...
    Of course if you both lived I bet he would never leave it home again


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    Well I trust my wife to make the right decision, but she would probably hand it over readily if I asked for it. She trusts me and my "instincts". Working in LE setting the last ten years, she knows I am trained more. I also feel I have more of a steel resolve to end the fight any way possible. She is a new shooter, and carries a gun strictly for defense. She is an excellent shot with a handgun on the range. Given my oath and outlook on certain situations, I may be duty bound to go on offense at times. I have told her if something happens, she needs to retreat to the hardest cover available and call 911, and get assistance there as soon as possible. If I told her I needed the gun she would hand it over knowing I had our best interests at heart and wasnt being territorial.
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