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How and where do you park your car.

This is a discussion on How and where do you park your car. within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Far enough away so that I would not have to fight with the folks that would fight for a space. Legs work fine for now, ...

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Thread: How and where do you park your car.

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    Far enough away so that I would not have to fight with the folks that would fight for a space. Legs work fine for now, so I use them. If I can catch a close space thats fine. But if I am heading towards the store, I just grab a spot as I get to the mass of cars trying to get close.
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    My car tends to be an SUV magnet, so I park far away so that I can see around my vehicle better when loading up and pulling out. It's not like I don't need the exercise.
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    I never park next to 'junkers'. I look for spaces with the extra-wide handicapped or the curb on one side to avoid dings in my car. If I can't find that, then I'll park at the end of a large lot.
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    I avoid parking in dark places when possible. I also park as close to the store as I can. I figure the closer to the door, the more witnesses arounds, and BGs don't like witnesses (and my knees are shot, long distances bother me). The farther away, the fewer witnesses and easiler unseen getaway for the BGs. So ... park close where people are around, or park far away where no people are around?

    Other than that, I don't get paranoid about it. There's enough to worry about already other than where I park.
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    I try to park in a lit spot that is visible to other people coming in/out of the store. I will also always back in to the spot. Of course, if it is a "one way" arrangement (where the slots are slanted), I will not do that, because then it is very difficult to get out, plus when you do, you are driving the wrong way.

    Other than that, if you can, the morning is a great time to go the stores. Less chance of encountering any BG, the stores have far fewer customers in them, and all the stock is fresh and restocked (or is being restocked).

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    Quote Originally Posted by cammo girl View Post
    At grocery stores, I park near the cart return corrals, so it is easy to wheel the cart back when done. This is esp handy when it is rainy.

    Other places I don't like to be too far off the beaten track. At Costco I also do the cart return proximity thing.
    I also try to find a spot next to the cart returns for several reasons. Parking in the one next to the corral eliminates one side of your car from being door dinged. Also if you pull in tighter to the corral rail it leaves more than the normal amount of space between your car and the car on the other side. This also helps eliminate door dings. You just have to be carefull when you open your door not to hit the cart corral railing. I trust myself to be more carefull then I do the average Walmart shopper.
    The other advantage of parking next to the corral is it eliminates a quick suprise attack from someone hiding in the car next to you or acting like they are getting into the car next to you. Of course all they would have to do is push a cart to the corral to act "normal" and get within distance of you. I don't think most BG's would think of this though. (All you bad guys reading this, ignore this post!)
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    I can't stand people that drive around the front area looking for the closest spot they can find. Bunch of sniggelfritters. I park away from everyone. No door dings and a little walk does you good. My motto is..."always go where the people are not".
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    closest spot available and always back in...has nothing to do with being tactical...has everything to do with the way i was brought up...our vehicles are backed in the driveway also....i dont think about getting robbed r mugged when i pull into a parking lot...i just try to be aware of my surroundings regardless of where i am...

    does everyone actively and continuously think the way they post when they are on line?...does it make it hard to function in your normal daily routines?....or do you just get used to thinking about all the bad things that can happen to you everywhere you go?...

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    It is a continously running program, running in the "background", so to speak.

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    I "back into" or "pull through" to the closest space I can find.

    The only time I "pull into" a space is when the lane is to narrow or one way; and does not allow me to "back" into the space.

    I "rarely" ever go out after dark. But, when I do, I park close as I can and be in the light.

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    I usually back in everywhere I go, whenever I'm driving. I ALWAYS ALWAYS try to get a spot at the end(In other words, next to the curb.). I really prefer the ones that don't have a spot behind it, or beside it. That reduces that amount of vehicles able to park directly next to mine, therefore reducing the possible damages incurred. My personal daily driver is a old clunky Ford 4x4 pickup, so while I'm not too worried about the looks of it, I still park way in the back b/c I'd hate to make it look worse for no good reason; And old habits die hard. If I'm by myself, or with friends, they have to get over it and do some walking lol. I've had alot of nice vehicles, that I was paranoid about. Family needs,and lack of funds mean I'm stuck with basic transportation that gets the job done.

    Typically if I'm driving our '09 Toyota, then I'd have our 7 month old daughter. In which case, I'm looking for the most convenient parking spot I can fit in ,lol.

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    I like to park close, and face out. I prefer the 1st spot in the row of cars. I park like this everyday at work(own a jewelry store). this way my car is exposed on one side and i can park very close to the curb(protects car from dings). If I cant park in a choice spot, I always walk down the wrong isle, then cut over shortly before my car. This way I can see if someone is following me.
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    -not in front of the building
    -not directly in front of the building
    -away from bushes if I can
    -not beside a van when I park
    -not in dark lighting, if I can avoid it

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    I park as close as I can, to the store I am going to enter, always, period.
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    I generally park as far away from other cars as I can and back it in. I am quite capable of walking and if the car is out in the open BGs can't really sneak up on me easily.

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