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When to Shoot and How a Carry Gun Effects Things

This is a discussion on When to Shoot and How a Carry Gun Effects Things within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Bark'n As I see it, he had a failure to recognize the threat for what it was! When he saw a man ...

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Thread: When to Shoot and How a Carry Gun Effects Things

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bark'n View Post
    As I see it, he had a failure to recognize the threat for what it was! When he saw a man wearing a hoodie, with mask over his face and gun in his hand, he tried to deny to himself what he was actually seeing.

    I believe had he acted at the moment he saw that "masked gunman" he likely would have successfully foiled the crime. He would have intervened before the the bad guy expected to engage and thus would have had the element of surprise.

    I believe too many people fail to recognize the danger for what it is by either denying it is what it is, or it just doesn't register. No one want's to be in a gunfight! I think that for many people, they so much don't want to be in a gunfight that they allow things to get to a point where they find themselves on the losing end.

    If you get stuck in condition white or condition yellow and fail to advance to condition orange and red when it's appropriate to do so, you're going to lose.

    I believe the fact that he was carrying a 1911 platform had less to do with his getting shot as his lack of recognizing a deadly force situation when it first presented itself.
    I think Bark'n is right.
    It sounds like the GG just hadn't done enough "Brain Train" and "emotional" prep. It looks like he let his guard down and paid a price. (Fortunately; it didn't cost him his life.)

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    No, it will not stop me from carrying a 1911. If he pulled his pistol he should have fired it. Hindsight being 20/20 as it is...
    I am glad he is OK, I hope I do better if I am ever in that position.


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    Quote Originally Posted by shockwave View Post
    I'm questioning the turn to the right. In drills for this, I've practiced raising the weak arm and turning to the left, firing behind under the raised arm. You're on target much faster this way and the BG doesn't see the firearm until it's right on him.

    The turn to the right loses a lot of time and gives the BG an opportunity to see the weapon before it's on him.

    On a slightly related question, concerning the wound to the GG's strong hand, I wonder if the natural inclination is to fire at the weapon being pointed at you.
    Agreed. He should have turned the other way, but most importantly should have engaged the threat a lot sooner not negotiate to go into a room with the bad guy. Doesn't matter what pistol this guy had he was going to get shot. He wasn't trained enough to use this weapon, when there is a problem you're to bring the gun up in your work space which is in front of your face to see what going on with the weapon. This is all in hind sight which is 20/20 and I wasn't there but I'm glad he lived to tell this story.

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