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The tail bone issue comes and goes. I've broken my tail bone (pushed up and to one side) 4 times in 17 years. I can't sit or stand for long...have to be up and down moving around. The PT showed me exercises to get it back aligned when it's a little off kilter, but when it's full tilt out of place, I'm completely incapacitated. Spent the night on the floor before feeling like an elephant was standing on my backside. It's always something hurting all the time...perhaps just the same pain moving around to different spots. Too old to fight, too slow to run. When everything does feel good, I go play golf!!! Seems to be about once a month.
Wow, what do you keep doing to your tail bone? Ouch.

Like I said...try digging with a shovel if your plantar fasc crops up again....worked like a charm for me.

Good luck.