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Police Brutality - How do you respond?

This is a discussion on Police Brutality - How do you respond? within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; While there are instances of police being too agressive, this is not likely to occur. All traffic vehicles are.equipped with video and audio to recording ...

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Thread: Police Brutality - How do you respond?

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    While there are instances of police being too agressive, this is not likely to occur. All traffic vehicles are.equipped with video and audio to recording to protect both the officer and citizen from this type of activity.
    What is a good possibility, is someone impersonating an officer. Here in my neck of the woods here recently we have an idiot driving around in an SUV, with blue emergency lights pulling over people and robbing them, and we are hot to catch him before he hurts someone. If there is any doubt as to if the LE is legitimate, keep doors locked, turn on interior lighting as to not make officer nervous, keep hands in plain view, and thru a cracked window tell LE politely that you would like to see his sector supervisor, while speaking with 911 on the phone. He may be aggitated, but you are within your rights to do this, especially if you are fearful. Now, it may turn a warning into a ticket after all is said in done, but at least you are safe , and have documented your intentions with the call to 911.

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    This however is a no win situation and don't feel that is something that will come up in my lifetime.
    very much so

    ....is this something a lot of people are worried about?? Seriously?
    It is an unlikely scenario....however...so are many of the scenarios in which we carry our weapons
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIGguy229 View Post
    This is the second police brutality thread in as many weeks....is this something a lot of people are worried about?? Seriously?
    Yes, it seems like many LEOs have taken things to far and have a taser-first-ask-questions-later mentality. Also many hide behind the badge to harass everyday citizens and deprive them of their rights. I've been pulled over 8 times in my county for looking "suspicious" (I'm a minority in a wealthy zip code) and I've never gotten a ticket, but I get asked many questions (e.g., "Where are you going?", "You look suspicious driving this kind of car.", "Why are you out at this time of night?")

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIGguy229 View Post
    This is the second police brutality thread in as many weeks....is this something a lot of people are worried about?? Seriously?
    Thousands of questions get asked from time to time. Not all because it's a fear of something, nor likely to occur. Rather, often it's simply because another discussion brought up a related situation or condition, and a thought occurred. Happens all the time.
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    Crap scenerio.
    Why would an LEO pull the driver out, cuff the passenger--leaving the driver uncuffed and able to respond?--and then proceed to beat the woman, all while ignoring the driver? I guess the LEO hates women and sees men as no threat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIGguy229 View Post

    This is the second police brutality thread in as many weeks....is this something a lot of people are worried about?? Seriously?
    I sure am. I work along side LEO's every third day of my life. With the laziness and disrespect I have encountered first hand, I have no trust in my police or sheriffs departments.

    When an officer steps beyond the law, he's no longer an officer to me. If a person were to beat one of my loved ones to near death with no provocation, its game on. The video linked, and theoretical scenario, in the original post is a little off tangent in relation to a productive, real life discussion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CyanLite View Post
    You're driving home with your significant other. Police pulls you over. Asks you and your loved one(s) to step out of the car. While doing so, your significant other asks, "Why officer? We haven't done anything wrong!".

    The officer cuffs your significant other and then proceeds to punching her to the head 13 times, and then uses a taser shock. Your S.O. lies on the ground unconscious and helpless while the officer continues his attack.

    You are carrying your usual. What do you do?

    (Motivational Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuKAQ...eature=related)
    I make bank on the ensuing lawsuit.

    Your question implies an attack on law enforcement, and I don't think that's an appropriate topic for discussion.

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    The date on the Video is 2008.

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    Being a former LEO and at this stage of my life, I’m a pretty darn squeaky-clean citizen. Still, I believe its a tough call. The number of variables involved would dictate my actions. I’m no good at all if I’m shot dead in the process of defense. Conversely, I have worked with an overzealous partner a couple of times. By in large, LEO’s are good people and the hot heads are generally washed out before they can cause harm. Notwithstanding, a few do slip through and some just loose it like any other human. Based on the video, it appears the victim may well have retired early with a nice pension.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deafdave3 View Post
    This. I don't care who it is, but if ANYONE is beating my significant other, or my second wife, they will get shot. I will be arrested and I will cooperate. I'm sure they'll be an investigation and trial and all that stuff, but I'm not gonna stand by and do nothing while someone I love is being beaten.

    Having served as a juror in a murder trial, I am with you on this.

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    As with any other line of work there are some hot heads among police departments.


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    Wrong is wrong. Right is right. Both apply with or without a badge.

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    If I'm driving down the road and get pulled over knowing that me and my wife hasn't done anything wrong. If they question us, that's fine. BUT, if they pull my wife out and start beating her for asking a question they will regret it. I would do everything including using lethal force to stop the beating. And it wouldn't bother me one bit to do it. My wife has given me 3 awesome children that I never thought I would have. I would kill anyone and anything that tries to hurt her. Period. After doing what I have to do, I would secure the video in the dash cam and head straight for the closest tv news station. I would make sure people knew both sides of the story.
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    I have not posted here yet as i had to do some thinking.Shootout with police,legalities following,does the cop car have a camera so everyone later can see how brutal it was.

    I have made up my mind.Hollow point .45 in the head for that dirty cop.Others draw,i shoot them to.Then call 911 and state the emergency.

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    Reply to post 14 by Farronwolf; I disagree with that opening statement that the Texas law doesn't permit you to use lethal force in this situation. The reference in what you cited to 9.32 etc in Section (2) A appears to have that covered. The code limits the use of lethal force to the same standard always used here, 9.32. It makes no exemption or special situation for the felony committing LEO.

    Notwithstanding the law, anyone caught in this situation is in deep trouble and likely going to lose the war and their life or spend many years in jail. It isn't a foregone conclusion that such would happen, but it is the likely end result.

    Sometimes, bad things happen to good people and there isn't much to be done to prevent it, interfere with it, or get redress. This scenario would be one of those EVEN if you had independent camera and sound recordings as the LEO's immediate buddies would no doubt seize and destroy the evidence. Thankfully, the scenario is rather fanciful. I have heard of things close to that happening, but never have heard of a real life scenario that over the top.

    I like your thought that a 911 call might help with the line left open, but if the LEO is that out of control in the first place, he'll likely turn on you the instant he spots you doing that, and then your use of lethal force would be to protect yourself in stead of the SO. That might save your SO's life, but still you both will have stumbled on a Kafkaesque/Stephen King novel moment. Rock and hard place.

    Could it happen, yes. Has it happened? Maybe but I'm doubtful and skeptical.
    Chances of it happening, maybe further out there than winning the Power Ball.

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