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Ankle Carry+not a good idea

This is a discussion on Ankle Carry+not a good idea within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; on my list is a Ruger LCP as a pocket carry for my tux. But I'm torn because I really want a Glock 19 and ...

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Thread: Ankle Carry+not a good idea

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    on my list is a Ruger LCP as a pocket carry for my tux. But I'm torn because I really want a Glock 19 and a kel-tec sub 2000 for home defense as well. The $$$ doesn't bode well for alll three.

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    Ankle carry makes sense if you happen to be an undercover narc.
    Sitting at a table, with your leg crossed, the gun is hidden and can be quick to get to and it can be drawn covertly.
    In that aspect it shines.

    That's about the only time it works well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1 old 0311 View Post
    For city driving ( Indy was just rated the 8th most violent American City) right ankle, outside, is about the fastest you can get to a weapon in a car. Daily carry? J frame in a Uncle Mikes #3
    For long trips, I have my MK9 on my inside left ankle...and is an easier and more subtle way to draw than a belt holster.
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    I have a nice ankle holster for my snub nose. While I agree the draw is more difficult when standing it is quite easy if croaching behind concealment/cover. Massad Ayoob actually shows a technic to draw from an ankle holster in his book "the gun digest book of concealed carry":

    I do find it odd that so many people feel drawing from an ankle holster is easy in a car. I find that it near impossible to get the leg up and pull back the pantleg with the steering wheel in the way. I could do it if I am not driving but maybe some of you are more flexable or have much longer arms than I do.

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    I've never really ankle-carried, but I've been considering getting a rid for my KT p3at, and a spare mag, and throw it down there as a BUG. I probable would never carry ankle as primary, unless I really, truly, had NO other options. Luckily I don't really wear suits or tuxes. The one nice suit I own, I brought my p3at with me when I bought it, and made sure it fit properly in the pants pocket. (That was a deciding factor, I tried a couple on that couldn't really hold the p3at in the pants.)

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