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This is a discussion on The Picnic within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by tcox4freedom Gman- Thanks for sharing your story as a youth. I was bullied until I was about 16. I did something similar ...

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Thread: The Picnic

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    Quote Originally Posted by tcox4freedom View Post
    Thanks for sharing your story as a youth.
    I was bullied until I was about 16. I did something similar to "my" bullies who were picking on a gay student and a student with CP.

    I despise bullying in ANY form!


    I think I would quietly begin to pack my things and leave once the bikers show up. (After all, I did want a quiet picnic.)

    I've always gotten along well with bikers.
    My uncle is a former hard core biker. I also have a good friend that is a former "Outlaw"; and several friends who are still in the 1% club. One of my other friends and former business associates has a father who is a 1% Warlock; (retired). I also grew up around the Saints MC in Memphis.

    I'm now am a Christian minister and have NO problems with bikers, druggies, street people or "other" outlaws. In fact God seems to bring them in my path in order to reach them for Christ.

    I've spent quite some time around bikers. Some Vietnam veterans turned "hardcore" bikers, took me in when I was 14; and I later served as head of security at a popular "Biker" bar. I've also been to a bunch of biker parties (even clubhouse parties); and I've seen a whole LOT of biker brawling.

    (I say all that to let people know where I come from on this subject.)

    I'm not a typical liberal pantiwaste white man and I would not be afraid and niether would my wife. However, I still would show them respect; and try to give them a wide birth. (That's basically all they want.)


    Should they choose to escalate from "verbal" bravado to "physical" altercation, I would have NO problem handling the situation.

    And I think that's what any reasonable man would do. Let the words go, defend against phyical assault. Thanks for the background. I can relate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by B94 View Post

    Thnx B94 I did not have to read any further...


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    My firearm gives me 5 speeds in reverse.

    Call 911.

    Awareness, Avoidance, De-escalation, Retreat, Call 911 and be a good witness.

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    me thinks radman was being sarcastic
    "The value you put on the lost will be determined by the sacrifice you are willing to make to seek them until they are found."

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    Walk into the gang like John Wayne and ask "who's in charge here"..When someone says "I am" Shoot them in the head and ask " who's 2nd in command"...Yeah thats how I roll!!!!!

    J/K but it sound like a good movie part didn't it!

    Really I'd Leave expeditiously!
    USMC 1984-1992
    To err is human.
    To forgive is divine.
    Neither of which is Marine Corps policy.

    "It's all about shot placement."- David (Slayer of Goliath)

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