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This happened to my wife yesterday...

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Thread: This happened to my wife yesterday...

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    All good advice. Maybe Mr. Tough Guy would be more polite if you accompany them sometimes (get some exercise and quality time) and you and the ladies open carried...
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    Call 911...NOW! A paper trail is extremely important with situations like this.
    Mr. Tough Guy won't be so tough when the police take the wind out of his sails...and perhaps his dog.
    Any dog willing to attack like that is certainly going to do it again.
    Do not let this go unchallenged.
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    Just how tough is a guy that has to swing a stick at a frightened lady and her mom?

    Now I'm a little redneck, but if a neighbor swung a stick at my wife, you better believe the police would need to come out. I'm pretty sure he would need an ambulance too.
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    An aggressive pit bull is a truly fearsome beast. The neck, skull, jaws - all business. Raised properly, they're as loving and sweet as any other canine. Raised wrong, well, you know.

    So this is a problem. Not worried too much about drunk neighbor with stick, but very worried about the dog. Some quick thoughts:

    1. File a report on the guy. Even if days after the fact, get this logged in, to support further developments.
    2. Call animal control. An aggressive pit bull trained to attack is a public menace.
    3. Arm wife and in-law with OC - something heavy-duty.
    4. Either wife or in-law should carry some kind of walking stick/cane or a Cold Steel sjambok.

    That's the minimum. But I'm still worried about the dog. Too many accounts out there of pit bull attacks where the dog is attacking someone, and a rescuer is trying to stop the attack by hitting the dog with a stick to no avail. OC and a staff or whip style weapon might be enough, but maybe not.

    Bark'n above lays out the serious reality of what's going on here. This is a strong case for carrying a firearm.
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    Two things

    1} Get a report on paper or phone 911 to get the situation on file somehow document it.

    2} Your location says W Colorado; when you get the pepper spray......GET THE BEAR SPRAY!!! I have worked with rescued fighting pits, they are almost impervious to pain and single minded, not likely to be deterred they have to be stopped. Bet it would work great on mr big & bad too!

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    I am positive there would have had a different outcome, but I was not, and now I am concerned for her safety while I am gone.
    different outcome? nothing happened. so are you saying you would have escalated?
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    Update... we called the SO, they took the report, they said they would talk to him about his temper and his dog. They would warn him on the dog part of it. They told us to walk the dogs else where and spent 15 minutes telling us on how little they really could do for us since nobody was hurt in the incident????!!!!??? The SO left and we called in a complaint to Animal control, we will see what happens there. Had the discussion with the wife, she sees the reasons for carry, she is willing to get some formal training to get her comfort and confidence with a firearm. For now I am stopping at the sporting goods store and getting her a can of bear spray I don't think the regular OC spray will have any effect on this dog. As for the question from ctsketch...NO I would not have escalated the situation, but I would have made the 911 call that moment and got the lady's to safety. I am not in favor of shooting in any housing development, but I will not be eaten by this monster of a dog or be beaten by this lowlife wielding a stick! That is why I carry and train and mentally prepare for incidents like this. This has given our household a wake up and reevaluation time, thanks for all the input it was read and discussed. will keep you all updated on the situation.
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    Read post #11 . . . Bark'n said it well.
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    Report him to the police. Report the dog to Animal Control. If you can find out who his homeowners Insur. Co. is, notify them and they'll likely raise rates or possibly cancel. Insurance Cos. hate bad dogs.
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    What/who is "SO"?

    - Janq
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    Quote Originally Posted by Janq View Post
    What/who is "SO"?

    - Janq
    Sheriffs office?
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    Cussing and threatining peoples wives will get your ass kicked where I'm from...Pretty dern quick!
    Not sure I'd stand for mucha that!
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    To forgive is divine.
    Neither of which is Marine Corps policy.

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    You mention the SO stated that there was little they could do, was there any mention of a desire of prosecution on your/wifes part? If viewed as a misdemeanor and with no desire of prosecution, sometimes warn and advise, is all that can be done.
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    +20 to calling the police ASAP. That dog, as you've described it, sounds like a major threat. I think it's safe to say that nobody here at DC wants you to post an update saying that your wife has been mauled and is in critical condition. Please don't let that happen. Get on it....

    Edit: oops...I see you've already called. Good job. Bear spray may be a good option until you can get her armed.

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    It's miracle this dog and your family hadn't crossed paths before now living just five houses away ? There a lot of good advice on this thread in finding a solution for your familys issues/propblems, goodluck with it glad their ok.
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