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This happened to my wife yesterday...

This is a discussion on This happened to my wife yesterday... within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Eagleks Jang : has it absolutely correct, I would still call the police and report it..... the guy by swinging the stick ...

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Thread: This happened to my wife yesterday...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eagleks View Post
    Jang : has it absolutely correct, I would still call the police and report it..... the guy by swinging the stick and threatening her, is already guilty of assault. If he uses the dog as a threat, that is also assault on the owner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Janq View Post
    In the immediate:
    The dog on it's own unreasonably placed both women in fear.
    The owners inability to control the animal also placed them in real fear. That alone is a call the cops problem.

    The kids crazy father grabbed hold of a stick so as to _weaponize it_ and wielded it as directed toward them with intent, and success, to intimidate; That is a classic definition of _brandishing_ a weapon. Brandishing is not exclusive territory to a firearm or knife.
    This too is well reasonable justification to dial 9-1-1.

    Why did neither woman think to do this?!
    The idea/excuse of not wanting to piss of the raging man makes no sense considering look he's already enraged and for no valid nor reasonable reason, and in a way of reaction that is well inappropriate too.

    Now hours/days later:
    I personally had this been my wife would _still_ call the cops, on both the kid with his clearly out of control dog as well as his crazy man acting dad.
    But I'm not you and don't have to live under your reported conditions.

    Buy your wife AND your MIL each an individual can of quality pepper spray.
    Direct them to keep it at hand when they walk the streets and to not at all think twice about using it on any mother, two or four legged, that might step to them sideways.
    As well buy them de-contamination towelettes to go with it for keeping in their purses/pockets for use on themselves.

    $0.02 Street

    - Janq

    P.S. - It is time for you and your wife & MIL to map out a new as in different dog walking route to avoid what clearly is a dangerous mine field.
    But that is a no brainer I'm sure the three of you thought of on your own.
    Janq is right. I wouldn't have had the presence of mind to do what he is suggesting and would have gone over and had a confrontation which is the wrong thing to do and would put me on the wrong side of right.
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    Its a pit bull and the guy threatens women. He is in immediate need of a severe beat down. Severe.

    I suggest bear spray for the pitbull and him. Its more powerful and you get alot more of it.

    I agree with filing police report/charges, pushing for his arrest, and animal control report.

    I suggest taking a few days off work and sticking around the house if you do any of the above.
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    I have had similiar incidents occour with me and my wife. I contacted local LEO's and their exact words were "shoot the dog". in my area our
    animal control is almost non existant, I live in a towon of about 30000+.. My wife and I occassionaly go for a walk around the neighborhood, and have been approached by stray dogs, The LEO's also told us to carry a spray bottle of ammonia, they say that this will stop even the meanest dogs.
    wife carries ammonia, I carry a 1911

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    This is where inconsistent application of laws clouds the issue. If you "shoot the dog" you will likely be charged with animal cruelty, unlawful discharge of a weapon and many other misdemeaner's making you the bad guy. In our "I'm not responsible" age, the best thing you can do is sell your house and move. In today's economy you should have no trouble finding a neighborhood with foreclosure vacant houses on either side of you so crusty neighbor's and vicious dogs will not be a problem. However, don't unpack just in case one might move in. Remember, there is little the police can do unless you try to defend yourself in which case they will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law which will include jail time and loss of your home and livelihood due to your having to mortgage everything you own to pay attorney's fees. Then the one who you defended yourself against will sue you in civil court by lying that you attacked him for no reason and or killed his service animal. Now that's a change you can believe in!

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    File a report with the police and perhaps try contacting animal control to report the situation.
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    Call 911 or if you already returned home call the police and animal control and tell them what happened .Be sure to get a case number so it will be put on record. Also tell them about the father coming after you with the stick.

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    You do not have to just call the police, it should be done, but you can also formally file a complaint that they will have to answer to in court, AND, have a restraining order put on both of the beasts. THEN, you have all the justification needed to use whatever force is reasonable should he try to retaliate. The police are not the only ones who can file charges or get people into court. This line of thinking has got to stop, and people need to start taking the initiative.

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