Another idiot teen taunts my neighbors dogs...what happened, and a scenario - Page 2

Another idiot teen taunts my neighbors dogs...what happened, and a scenario

This is a discussion on Another idiot teen taunts my neighbors dogs...what happened, and a scenario within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I would get my 16 year old 6'3 205 lb nephew to stomp them, and buy him anything he wants to do it. Throw in ...

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Thread: Another idiot teen taunts my neighbors dogs...what happened, and a scenario

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    I would get my 16 year old 6'3 205 lb nephew to stomp them, and buy him anything he wants to do it. Throw in extra bonus for open cuts and fractures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glocksin View Post
    When it gets to a point where it is no longer talking and he is within distance of assaulting you,pull that Glock out and tell it like it is.They act out like that again,making threats and all,and they get shot.
    So you are saying that you would shoot an unarmed teen on your lawn because he was talking smack? Am I getting this right?
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    I would just tell him, next time I open the gate ..... and we'll see how fast you can run smartass .... and you better hope it's the dog that catches you , and not me.

    My last encounter with some 'boys' doing something really stupid on my property, to some of my property, to impress some girls..... I asked, "you really can't be that stupid can you ? ..... and we don't ever need to discuss what's going to happen if you ever do this again, do we ? They just said, "yes sir, I understand" .... and walked quickly away. They never did it again.
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    I gotta remember to get a can of pepper spray,even tho Tx has excellent castle doctrine,if non lethal will stop a threat then it's a much better solution
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    I don't yell across the street at them; instead, I walk up and talk to them calmy (but assertively) and tell them to leave the dogs and the property alone. In my opinion - it having been not so long since I was a kid and had elders yelling at me and my friends when we did stupid things occasionally - a yelling elder across the street is almost guaranteed to provoke a negative response.

    Yes, some will state the argument that I would be putting myself in a vulnerable situation; but, I've got some years on these kids and there's not substitute for experience and a little bit of brain power. I refuse to live my life afraid of any situation that has remote potential to be dangerous - they are kids after all and I think it's safe to say all of us had moments of stupidity and disrespect in our youth, it doesn't mean they are going to attack an adult that stops their disrespectful behavior.

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    Hey Y'all: Pepper spray and your cellphone and many calls to LEOs--sounds like the right plan. Firearm and blasting away or baseball bat or ptichfork--sound like the wrong plans. Something to add to my list of protective methods other than CC on this what if.

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    Have your OC spray or weapon of your choice available, but do what the kids are all doing...

    Keep your video camera by your door. This crap happens again, video tape your interaction. Let him approach you in a menacing manner and threaten you. Take the tape to the police and hand them the evidence they need to take action against these punks. If you end up needing to defend yourself, his actions will be on tape.

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