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This is a discussion on Walmart Parking Lot DANGER within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; If it's just me, I'd vote for distance....if my kids were with me (they can't keep up), someone made a bad victim choice and they ...

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Thread: Walmart Parking Lot DANGER

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    If it's just me, I'd vote for distance....if my kids were with me (they can't keep up), someone made a bad victim choice and they will be shot. Why? Not leaving my kids behind with a knife-wielding criminal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Glocksin View Post
    Yall are looking at this all wrong.Now maybe you just know you can outrun someone,but thats not the case for some of us.Im not too big,but im much better at fighting than running.

    Now heres the thing.He had the knife IN HIS BELT,NOT IN HIS HAND.It would have been easy as heck to knock that idiot off his feet.Why be scared of a weapon that would take 2 seconds to get to? The 'shabby dude' made a bad move by not taking the knife out in the first place.
    Yep, his second big mistake, the first was his 'victim selection process'. I am not in a position to run and seek help. I want to put a car between the dirtbag and myself, if possible. I don't want to shoot anybody, but I do not want to become a victim even less.
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    The situation depends as much on who you are and what you are capable of as it does being armed or not. If you are athletic, I think it's worth gaining distance. If not, you will be forced to stand up to it. I consider everyone that approaches me on the street or in a parking lot as a threat and quietly prepare a response, what ever that may need to be. There is a different body language used than someone looking for directions. Asking for a light is almost always a ruse. It's rare to be approached by someone if you are with others, including family. They target people by themselves. This situation was handled well I think. It would have been very different if he could not run and was unarmed. I think he would have lost his wallet. Most thieves really only want your wallet and if you are unarmed and partially disabled, you are probably better off offering the wallet, even if it is only a distraction. I have been mugged ( by a group who did try to do damage) and I have been approached many times. I am not imposing or threatening in appearance and probably look like a good target. I am lucky enough to be athletic and mean as a snake when cornered. His knife was still in his pants, plenty of time to draw which I think is the thing to do if you can't get some distance. As far as the trigger goes, I don't know what kind of self control you have...
    There's something happening here
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    There's a man with a gun over there
    Telling me I got to beware

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    I would have kicked the knife that is in his waistband. Maybe it would have cut off his junk.
    YOU are the weapon, your firearm is just a tool!

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    Here...I'm in a big hurry this morn with things to do so I only found the Walmart crime stats for 2005

    Sioux Falls, SD: Attmped Murder/Car dragging (, 1/7/2005)
    Stow, OH: Aggravated Robbery (Akron Beacon Journal, 1/7/2005)
    Siloam Springs, AR: Shooting (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 1/11/2005)
    Boca Raton, FL: Robbery (Palm Beach Post, 1/11/2005)
    Shreveport, LA: Purse-snatching (The Times, 1/12/2005)
    Port Charlotte, FL: 3 Purse-snatchings (Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 1/19/2005)
    Tyler, Texas: Abduction (KVIA-TV, 1/21/2005)
    Warner Robins, GA (Macon Telegraph, 1/21/2005)
    Pleasanton, CA: Purse-snatching (Pleasanton Weekly, 1/22/2005)
    Yuma, AZ: Assault/Car jacking (Yuma Sun, 1/25/2004)
    Hampton, VA: Truck with dead person left in lot (WVEC-TV, 1/25/2005)
    Jacksonville, FL: Armed Robbery (Florida Times-Union, 1/29/2005)
    Edmond, OK: Attempted Robbery/Car jacking (Daily Oklahoman, 2/5/2005)
    Taylor, MI: Armed Robbery (Nexis, 2/12/2005)
    Montgomery, AL: Robbery (Montgomery Advisor, 2/19/2005)
    Kingsport, TN: Purse-snatching (News Channel 11, 2/21/2005)
    Grandview, MO: Armed Robbery (Kansas City Star, 2/24/2005)
    Cornwall, Ontario: Car stealing (Community Police Service, 2/25/2005)
    Allentown, PA: Rape (Morning Call, 3/9/2005)
    Brampton, Ontario: Aggravated Assault (The Toronto Sun, 3/16/2005)
    Bonsack, VA: Threatened with gun (The Roanoke Times, 3/27/2005)
    Benton, Arkansas: Car crashing, assault (Benton Courier, 4/1/2005)
    Dunn, NC: Murder (Dunn Daily Record, 4/1/2005)
    Erwin, NY: Assault (Police Record, Star-Gazette, 4/6/2005)
    Virginia Beach, VA: Attempted car jacking (, 4/10/2005)
    Upland, CA: Purse-snatching, Assault (Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, 4/10/2005)
    Tallahassee, FL: Robbery/carjacking/kidnapping (Tallahassee Democrat, 4/19/2005)
    Rogers, AR: Assault (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 4/26/2005)
    West Ashley, SC: Attempted Robbery (The Post and Courier, 4/26/2005)
    Rogers, AR: Assault (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 4/26/2005)
    Woonsocket, RI: Knifepoint Robbery (The Providence Journal, 4/29/2005)
    Springfield, MO: Purse-snatching (Nexis, 4/30/2005)
    Russellville, AR: Rapes (The Courier, 5/7/2005)
    Hazard City, KY: Robbery (WKYT-TV, 5/7/2005)
    Washington County, AR: Purse-snatching (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 5/9/2005)
    Wichita, KA: Robbery (Wichita Eagle, 5/13/2005)
    Cranberry Twp, PA: Sexual Assault/Indecent Exposure (WPXI-TV, 5/13/2005)
    Atlanta, TX: Kidnapping (, 5/14/2005)
    Pueblo, CO: Assault/purse snatching (KOAA-TV, 5/17/2005)
    Murfreesboro, TN: Attacked in car (News Channel 5, 5/17/2005)
    Clackamas, OR: Shoplifting/Stabbing (County Sheriff's Office, 5/24/2005)
    Dekalb, IL: Purse-snatching (Daily Chronicle, 5/28/2005)
    Cincinnatti, OH: Purse-snatching (News 5 Cincinnatti, 6/1/2005)
    Jacksonville, FL: Purse-snatching (First Coast News, 6/1/2005)
    Minnehaha County, SD: Assault (Sprawl-Busters, 6/1/2005)
    Harris County, TX: Armed robbery/Shooting (Sprawl-Busters, 6/1/2005)
    Baltimore/White Marsh, MD: Armed Robbery (Baltimore Sun, 6/2/2005)
    Okaloosa, FL: Purse-snatching (Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office, 6/2/2005)
    Myrtle Beach, FL: Stabbing (Sprawl-Busters, 6/5/2005)
    Dekalb, IL: Indecent Exposure (, 6/6/2005)
    Salt Lake City, UT: Gropping (KSL-TV, 6/8/2005)
    Katy, TX: Murder (The Katy Times, 6/9/2005)
    Spokane, WA: Shooting (The Spokesman Review, 6/13/2005)
    Phoenix, AZ: Molestation (KPHO-TV, 6/15/2005)
    Brownwood, TX: Purse-snatching (The Brownwood Bulletin, 6/16/2005)
    Fairfield, CA: Armed Robbery (Vallejo Times-Herald, 6/18/2005)
    Huntsville, TX: Armed Robbery (The Huntsville Item, 6/24/2005)
    Meridian, MS: Scam, abduction, offsite robbery (WTOK-TV, 6/27/2005)
    Orlando, FL: Car jacking (MSNBC, 6/28/2005)
    Wilmington, NC: Car jacking (WECT-TV, 6/28/2005)
    Glenns Ferry, ID: Kidnapping/rape (Glenns Ferry Gazette, 6/28/2005)
    D'lberville, MS: Drive-by shooting (WLOX-TV, 6/29/2005)
    Haines City, FL: Attempted robbery (The Ledger, 7/5/2005)
    Fayetteville, AR: Shooting (ABC-11 TV, 7/5/2005)
    Mobile, AL: Abandonment after rape (St. Petersburg Times, 7/6/2005)
    East Greenbush, NY: Purse-snatching (The Times Union, 7/8/2005)
    Pascagoula, MS: Theft (The Mississippi Press, 7/8/2005)
    Bullhead City, NV: Assault (Mohave Daily News, 7/8/05)
    Woodbridge, VA: Shooting (Potomac News, 7/8/2005)
    Wilkes-Barre Township, PA: Robbery (Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, 7/12/2005) About the film

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    ...see. That's why you shouldn't shop at Walmart anyway.
    There's something happening here
    What it is ain't exactly clear
    There's a man with a gun over there
    Telling me I got to beware

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    Not saying this would have been the right thing to do - he probably did the best thing since unarmed - but - I'd liked to have read "The BG didn't have his hand on the knife yet so I kicked him in his man Berries and left him on his knees crying in pain."
    For God, Family and Country!

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    Fake compliance while scanning for accomplices (okay man, just chill out... here you go, I don't want any trouble), draw and obtain target while backpedaling to gain some distance... BG freezes or runs then call 911... BG even twitches hand toward knife or starts moving towards me... two taps to COM and repeat as necessary.
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    My reaction would depend on who's with me.
    -- Just me and the wife; she's moving away while calling 911, I'm staying between the BG and her with gun drawn, prone him out and wait for an on duty officer. ANY furtive movements on his part, he's getting shot.
    -- If my kids are with me; they know to get behind me, move away and get someone to call 911, the rest stays the same.
    -- If I'm alone; I may go hands on depending on how determined the attacker seems. I don't like to fight that much, so I'll probably draw and let him determine what happens from there.
    No matter who's with me, the guy isn't leaving on his own, he's going to jail. I refuse to let him make a victim out of someone else.
    "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."
    Thomas Jefferson

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xader View Post
    I don't consider this to be a defensive option, for two reasons:

    a. Who hears a car alarm and thinks, "oh noes! Someone is in trouble!"? No, these days, everyone just thinks "shut that dang thing off!".
    b. This falls into the same group as house alarms and calling 911. You need help NOW, not when someone eventually gets there. With an armed BG in your face, your life is in your hands.
    Both valid points, but it was not a defensive option... more just an ancillary. If there's a car alarm going off in the WW parking lot, and especailly if there is a scuffle near the car which is alarming... some one is going to notice... While car alarms are frequent... if you're walking in a lot and pass a car, or near a car that is alarming, you'll probably at least look at it.

    I would never rely on the panic button alone for anything... except maybe to help me find my car in a busy lot...
    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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    I cannot tell for sure what I would have done it that situation; there are so many different things to consider.

    Quote Originally Posted by ExactlyMyPoint View Post
    If I can retreat I will. I truly do not need the headache of legal action, retribution etc. I would have done what your BIL did and run, gun or not. Glad he was OK.

    Also remember, wolves travel in packs. Did he have a partner? That would definitely complicate things.
    I agree .

    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Yep, his second big mistake, the first was his 'victim selection process'. I am not in a position to run and seek help. I want to put a car between the dirtbag and myself, if possible. I don't want to shoot anybody, but I do not want to become a victim even less.
    You made some very good points there!
    "The Second Amendment: America's Original Homeland Security"

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    [1] I carry a firearm to defend myself/family from a deadly threat - not to keep my wallet.

    [2] When 'shabby' shows me his knife (a deadly weapon) and 'demands' my wallet i infer he will use force and that deadly weapon against me to get what he wants . . i consider that a deadly threat.

    [3] I'm older, injured and arthritic - not punching, kicking or running - (that's why I carry a gun). I'm drawing my gun.

    I hope I have the presence to remember to look around for accomplace/s. (probably won't look away from this immediate threat).
    Tell BG "back off immediatley". If he moves toward me or the knife I'll fire COM until threat is stopped.
    "It is easier to resist at the beginning than at the end"____Leonardo da Vinci 1452-1519

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    Call 911 and be a good victim? Throw my eggs at him and scream like a girl?

    I like the kick to the junk where the knife is or a quick two steps back drawing if he advances repeat either of the the mentioned. Don't and I repeat don't bring a knife to a gun fight!

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    Bags are carried in off hand, if too many for off hand I use a cart. Drop bags/Draw/"Freeze"....any movement by him....burstfire/defensive movement.
    "I do what I do." Cpl 'coach' Bowden, "Southern Comfort".

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    I'm old, nearing 70. I'm near crippled with ostioarthritis. I walk with a cane. I have had a total right hip replacement and am scheduled in Jan. for the left. I'm 50 lbs. overweight. and so far survived prostate cancer. I got this way from more than 40 years of physical labor called work so I could enjoy my retirement years. I ain't giving my wallet or what's in it to anyone who doesn't give me my money's worth, even if it's a pound of flesh. I'm tired of BG's getting the revolving door treatment by the police and the courts and besides the jails are already full. Call me paranoid, but when I exit a Walmart or Home Depot, etc. and head for my car in the handicapped spaces, my strong side hand is in my pocket and pretty near my EDC of choice. If that scenario happened to me, one of us would be on the ground and there'd be only one story, hopefully mine. My wife says I'm cranky. That's what pain will do to you.

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