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This is a discussion on Violent Attack(Graphic) within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Saw this befor. An apparently informed response stated then that it was a gang hit in response for a previous hit/action....

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Thread: Violent Attack(Graphic)

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    Saw this befor. An apparently informed response stated then that it was a gang hit in response for a previous hit/action.
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    My wife and I went to the Panama Canal and Costa Rica on a recent cruise. While on a cruise sponsored excursion in Costa Rica, riding on a tour bus, we were stopped and detained for nearly an hour by, what looked like police. Later, however, our tour guide told us that there have been many cases of criminals dressed like police and driving marked vehicles, holding up buses. While they never boarded our bus, they removed the license plate and tried to shake down the driver for money.
    I love cruising, but I will never again get off the ship unless I'm in an American country. Both Panama and Costa Rica are incredibly beautiful countries with spectacular wild life and vegetation, but the cities are filthy and even the smallest shack of a house has razor wire fencing and bars on the windows and door openings.
    I have been all over the eastern and western Caribbean and have never been sorry I live in America. We must do whatever it takes to keep it that way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by limatunes View Post
    For those who don't want to watch it again.... I really think the victim had a gun he tried to use..

    BG comes in shooting but his gun jams. While trying to clear it the victim goes for something in his waistband....

    Suddenly the first bad guy notices and you get a glimpse of something the victim has pulled out.. I think it's a gun...

    They start to wrestle and the first bad guy throws his non-working gun to his partner...

    The partner is seen clearly with two guns.. one in each hand.. trying to shoot while the first BG and victim are wrestling for the unknown object...

    They are eagerly wrestling over something the victim does not want to give up...

    I doubt it is a phone....

    All of a sudden they wrestle it away.. the bad guy 2 shoots the victim again with a still working gun (so he didn't pass it off to his partner) and the first bad guy comes up shooting with a new and working gun...

    I think the victim had a gun and it was wrestled away from him and he was shot with it.

    Great breakdown of the action. I too thought that they were wrestling for the victims gun.

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    I verified my recollection. Info as follows:
    The incident happened July 18, in the Brazilian city of Sao Jose dos Pinhais, near Curitiba (home of the world fmaousChute Boxe gym), in front of a shopping mall. It was realted to the victim's involvement in another killing. He was shot seven times with a .380 ACP, the .38 revolver he was carrying and not able to draw was taken by the killers. There were apparently two arrests with one probable outstanding.
    I have no reason to doubt this information.
    "I do what I do." Cpl 'coach' Bowden, "Southern Comfort".

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    The look of the attack seemed to be gang related I am no expert but I do watch gang land a lot. Which does not make me a expert but the amount of times they shot him reminded me of gang type shooting described in the show.

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    Thanks for the update Guantes. If the victim had attempted to roll away from the first shooter and then drawn his weapon he may have had a better chance then to simply lay there and try to draw while the first shooter was standing over him.
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    Exactly why just carrying a gun,having an alarm system,a big dog or whatever,cant prevent this from happening.Situation awareness,staying away from the gang life,and knowing how to defend yourself with a weapon or not all are key.I dont know how this got stared,if this was gang or random attack,but its pretty sad.

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    If it was gang related, I stand by what I always say, ef- around, ef- around, soon you won't be around.
    Sad people don't realize that type of activity is meaningless, with no viable future.
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