Shots Fired

Shots Fired

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Thread: Shots Fired

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    Shots Fired

    Ok i Have a Question,
    The Night Before ThanksGiving me and my Girl Friend were out in our apartment complex walking our Dog In Texas City when a DarkBlue truck was driving on the feeder road about 30' Away from the sidewalk we were walking our dog On and then the passenger Fired about six shots out his window and my GirlFriend saw the muzzel flash as soon as we heard the shots we hit the ground and then the passenger in the truck fried about2 or 3 more shots while traveling down the road My GirlFriend called 911 and reported the incident but MY question is...i pulled my handgun out (low ready) was that a smart thing for me to Do in a situation such as that? i was the only 1 Carrying at the time ( my G/f Usually carries but she hurt her back at work and the weight of her Weapon is Un comfortable on her back ) at first we thought it was a truck backfiring but when my g/f said she saw the muzze flash on the passenger side of the truck that's when we knew it WASN'T a truck backfiring

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    Question is, were they targeting you or were they just being stupid and shooting street signs? Returning fire is only opening yourself up to being a target. If you dropped and covered you did the best you could until further information was known.

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    Your immediate action of hitting the ground is the right thing to do. If the bullets were coming your direction, they would make a sound that you would be able to recognize.
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    MY question is...i pulled my handgun out (low ready) was that a smart thing for me to Do in a situation such as that?
    Cover is mandatory! Shooting back is optional. If you can't get to cover then create distance and/or get small. Dropping to the ground is good, but if they were firing at you, was your head their target? I'd rather lie on my back with my feet closest to the shooter to afford my head some protection. I'd rather be called Gimpy from being shot in the foot or leg than be an airhead by a bullet.

    Shots being fired it is only reasonable in my opinion to have a gun ready and maybe even trained on the shooter as you further determine what is going on and process the information you are gathering.


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    Anytime shots are fired anywhere near you, that is not the time to go hmmm, should i or should i not draw, you hear shots being fired and see muzzle flash, you better have that weapon out and training on a target, otherwise the next volley of shots that goes unanswered could be going into your or your girlfriends head. Life and death, threat is present, opportunity is present, intent is present. GIVE EM HELL!!!
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    Not gonna critique your actions as I would have done pretty much the same thing, and yes, if I can see muzzle flash I'll have my weapon at the ready, but if they're not coming my direction, I'm not gonna fire back at it. My guess is as someone else pointed out. It was probably a couple of idiots out shooting street signs or something.

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    This thread and the one entitled "shots fired" really make me thank my lucky stars for the 69 years that I have lived without any incidents. It just seems like it never ends with forum members who somehow have been directly or indirectly involved in some sort of confrontation or dangerous situation or defensive action. Maybe that is the necessary precursor to this whole forum but I have never had an inkling of an occasion to be anywhere near anything that even resembled the "actuals" and "what ifs" that appear in these threads. I surely hope I am not alone as the only "virgin" among the wolves and predators out there. My initial reason for CC was because I could in South Carolina, learned a lot taking the class, found an enjoyment in target shooting, take pride in owning something that is a mechanical work of art, and at the more real level, because I have great fear for this country and where it is going and want some security that I can grab to protect myself and my family. Hoping others in this forum have similar stories that do not involve Dodge City actuals and scenarios.

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    Given the scenerio you presented, I feel the "reasonable person" that's always quoted could and probably would feel as if his or her life was in imminent danger and pulling the firearm from its concealment would certainly be an acceptable response.
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    Sounds like you did good,just please dont rush next time and fix your sentence structure.Some spacing and punctuation would help.

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    I agree with Buckeye Cpl, if they were shooting at you, you would know it. I was around twelve the first time I got shot at, in a park, and there was no doubt in my mind that they were shooting at me and my friends.
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    Making yourself as small of a target as possible was definitely the right thing to do. As for drawing your weapon, it was both the right and smart thing to do.
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    10 yards away,I would be in extreme fear for my life,Get cover,In my situation,I would hit t5he ground while drawing,my sights would be targeting the shooter,whether I return fire or not would depend on the situation,if they drive off no problem,if they stay stopped,I'm not waiting for another round of shots before I fire
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    You did good, make yourself as small as possible and weapon at the ready. You hope too not have to use it but, it does no good in the holster when the lead is already flying.
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    Drive by shootings are not prevalent around where I live, but the occasional drunk knucklehead shooting out the window of their truck while on a country road does happen from time to time. (One guy lost a matched set of Desert Eagle .50AE pistols when he did just that and got caught by the highway patrol.)

    As far as your incident goes, walking down the street of your local town/city and someone is shooting from a car window, you bet I'm drawing my gun as I'm either moving for cover or hitting the deck, whichever is quicker.

    Two things need to happen immediately. Protecting yourself and your companion from being shot (moving to cover or concealment or dropping down), and being able to defend yourself (getting your gun into your hand and not still tucked away in it's holster). Preferably in that order, but can be done simultaneously.
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    Duck, Cover, Draw. You did good.
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