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Thread: Atm?

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    Most walk up ATM's that I have seen usually have one of those curved mirrors so you can see behind you. I myself dont carry cash so like everyone else has said if I need it I use the drive through
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    I'm lucky - where I live everybody still takes paper checks. I don't even have an ATM card. Those things have always made me nervous. I feel a lot better driving up to a bank in my old truck.

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    I too use drive-ups only, besides having the mirrors to see anyone approaching from behind and your field of view in front and to the sides, you have a ready means of escape. Also I will pull up close enough to prevent anyone from trying to squeeze between my vehicle and the ATM.

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    drive up and in-store only during daylight hours. I always get into it with my wife for always trying to take out money at night. I make sure to take out money during the day so things that won't happen.
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    I would say "go ahead heres the machine" then run away and so he gets access to the machine, i could then see if i could take him down the ground with out lethal force or see possibly if he is armed, and waht not, everything he is doing is caught on camera by the atm, and your money is insured up to $100,000, so no harm done, no deaths, maybe u will get him arrested, Everybody is happy!

    well except the BG

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    +1 fitznig except if i got away i would'nt go back and try to take him to the ground. He's probably a better fighter than me and my money is insured. And his gun or knife might still be in his pocket. And the way this stupid society is going, I'd probably get sued or charged for assault. I need to get oc spray to go with my gun.(for when someone breaks wind into the fan, the gun is for when shtf!)
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    I always use drive-up, and since transaction only takes a few seconds, leave it running. BG would be down and probably DOA, and all I could tell the cops is that the shock of being robbed probably caused my foot to slip off the clutch and I must have hit the gas in panic. Don't take a knife or a gun to a demolition derby!

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    Depends Upon How Crowded...

    When approaching an ATM, remember that the customer line is on the right, the 'robber' line is on the left...

    Plan ahead...use a bank during the day!


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