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This is a discussion on Incident at 7/11 within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; "Should I have tackled him and then called 911?" Do you really want to get that close to someone unless absolutely necessary? I doubt it. ...

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Thread: Incident at 7/11

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    "Should I have tackled him and then called 911?"

    Do you really want to get that close to someone unless absolutely necessary? I doubt it. You did fine as is. You protected yourself; leave the apprehension and arrest to the cops.
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    I agree you did good and quick thinking and also agree once seeing the shady character keep an eye on them.

    Question had the OP punched the guy as he came at him a second time is he now the agressor? Not saying its what I would do or that its right but what if the OP felt this guy was going to go hands on or get aggressive.

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    Only ONE elbow? When a man sticks his hand in my pocket...1). I let him get too close to me (my bad), 2). His intentions have already been proven to be either illegal or immoral, and either one justifies some kind of action...hopefully, something he won't forget for a while.
    I think that you acted correctly and quickly.
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    At least you still wa able to get a hold of law enforcement. If you have no luck flagging down a cop, still best to call 911 while your memory is still fresh and it could very well be a good legal defense in case the idiot thief may report you and falsely testify that you were the aggressor. Never hurts to get the store owner as a witness too. Remember, the first one who contacts the authority usually can explain what happened first than the one who calls later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guantes View Post
    I think you did ok. Some basic information for you, that may not hold true in all areas, but is pretty much all over. If you make a call and officers respond, it requires a log entry to clear the call. If you just stop and talk to some officers, they may or may not make a log entry of it or post it in their notebooks. If you contact officers without a call on something like this I would request that they make a log entry of it. Next to no work on their part. Also get the names and unit of the officers you contact, record and keep those.
    First off, to the OP, I think your reaction was good, and as other have said maybe you should have kept one eye on the nervous guy so you knew he had entered the store. Secondly I agree tackling him was not a good idea. Distance is your friend. If he ahd a knife and you jumped on him your weight it liable to drive the knife deeper into you than he ever could.

    Gauntes, good information about what does and does not generate a log entry. Those of us not LEO's do not always know such things. I was courious though about your suggestion that getting the officers contact information though. I would hope that the cops do follow up but I don't see where there would be need for the OP to follow up with the officers, unless your suggesting that the OP and the pickpocket might have a second incounter.

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    My point was that should the perp make a complaint, even if the officers do not make a log entry, by knowing the names and unit they can be contacted by the department to confirm that you did in fact contact/inform LE.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shockwave View Post
    Full agreement with this. Sounds like this was handled fine. I wonder if wolfshead has any martial arts training?
    I have had martial arts training when I was 12 and it ended when I hit 18. I am 35 now so its been a while.
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    Well done. Only thing I would have done different is made a comment to the clerk about the guy when I entered the store. The smart clerks get friendly with someone in that area/shift, and he might have had someone on the way over. I have a few friends who had to be clerks with crap shifts while in college, and I did the pizza delivery thing as a side job, so I relate to the "dangerous/crap" jobs I guess. Like most people here, I'm that guy that notices things others ignore, and will inform them of things that look shady. If nothing happens, no harm done, and perhaps the guy/girl will take a mental note about SA.

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    I think you did great. You're ok, you have all your stuff, BG left with a headache...good outcome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by First Sgt View Post
    I know things happen fast in this type scenario. I would have hoped I could react as I stated above. Sometimes you just have to play it out. Nothing says you did it wrong. YOU did it YOUR way!!! Bottom line is you are safe and hopefully the other gentleman had to change his pants...

    ^^^^^^I'm in this camp ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Yoyu7 did fine, and the store clerk needs to call the police and run the security cam to find out if this guy is runnung this game anywhere else.
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    I live in Skyway also and you did just fine. Next time call it in and see if the cops can ID the guy. He may be wanted for other crimes, not an unusual circumstance in Skyway. As someone else said this isn't the best area to live in, druggies, gangs, robbers, etc. We have a shooting of some type in my area at least twice a month.
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    So, something made this guy think that he could walk up to you, and reach in your pocket? That tells me you should think about changing how others look at you. A scowl, glare, stare or something along those lines to follow up on your awarness.
    Sometimes I'll walk by someone like you describe, anticipating a request for change, I'll just look at them sternly and say "NO".
    Turn the tables before they can play their first card, be wary of a small crowd though, as a hard look is a challenge, and some really need to save face in front of others.
    After this guy started this, you finished it quite well. Maybe I would of told the clerk to call 911 and get a phone number for follow up. I wouldn't want to spend half my day with statements and stuff. You are safe, and that's what's most important.

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    You did fine. You walked away and still have your health and belongings. I agree with the others, let the LEO's handle him, you keep your distance.

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