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Robbery: shooting in the back

This is a discussion on Robbery: shooting in the back within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I voted not to take the shot ? Depending if threat level is rising or if I could get off a clean shot without putting ...

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Thread: Robbery: shooting in the back

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    I voted not to take the shot ? Depending if threat level is rising or if I could get off a clean shot without putting anyone else in danger ? A lot of variables to smoke over in a short period of time, I'd like to think If all the planets aligned I could take the shot but only if was sure I wasn't going to add to the problem. You guys do give some thorough perspective and I hope are in the restaurant when or of it ever jumps off
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    Quote Originally Posted by EvilMonk View Post
    Guantes brings up a good point with the toy/unloaded weapon thing, but...

    I'd shoot.

    In my State, you have an amazing amount of support from the law in situations like this. Someone has made clear their intentions to forcibly hold up a store with a firearm. Even if it should later be revealed that the "weapon" is fake or unloaded, that cannot be determined at the time and the subject will be charged with armed robbery regardless. Someone holding up a bank with a cell phone in their pocket posing as an armed individual will still face possible force-reaction from LEOs who respond to the scene in time to intercept the robber. I'm no LEO, but if someone walks up to me and points their pocket in my direction and orders me to give them my money, the second their guard is down (IF it goes down), I'll draw and fire.

    Secondly, in the situation of BG walks in, draws gun, orders everyone down, and begins the process of robbery, I'll be in a good position from below to draw, aim, and fire at an upward angle, thereby alleviating some of the chance of over-penetration/missed shot into a by-stander.

    I would certainly shoot someone in the back under such conditions.

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    Someone had a signature line that read,something like this:

    "If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck".

    Too many variables to say for certain.

    Getting a pulse of the situation:the demeanor or BG: are any of his buddies in the background spotting(covering him)?

    Lots to think about..

    I don't think I'm capping him unless the circumstances look dire for all/any innocents.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bark'n View Post
    You want a cookie cutter cut and dry answer to a complicated equation.
    When I started this thread my goal was to stimulate a discussion and read varying takes on the hypothetical situation. I kept it that simple and general of a scenario in order to get those varied responses.

    I never intended to get an unequivocal answer to what to do in such a situation. I especially appreciate responses like those from Jang that did a great job trying to look at the scenario in many ways and giving a reasoned, thoughtful response.

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    I agree with Bark'n and AZ. The alter ego rule exists in many states that allow you to act against someone who has put another person in imminent danger of death or great bodily injury with you assuming that other person could be you. Then again, some scenarios are just not so simple for a one answer fits all. People around, possible collateral injuries, your sense of perp and situation et al.

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