Going to Florida and Disney

Going to Florida and Disney

This is a discussion on Going to Florida and Disney within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Ok we are from Maine and we are going to Florida next week for a week with the kids and family to go to Disney ...

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    Going to Florida and Disney

    Ok we are from Maine and we are going to Florida next week for a week with the kids and family to go to Disney etc. We rented a house in a subdivision a mile from Disney. I am wondering if it is worth the hassle to check a firearm in my luggage on the airline just for the time at the house (I do not have my permit for Florida). Or should I just stick with my good knife and spray?

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    Even without a permit, you can carry a loaded firearm in your vehicle in Florida. It needs to be "securely encased", which in Florida means in some sort of closed container. The glovebox counts.

    Of course, that means leaving it in the car unattended.

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    MattInFla Hit the nail on the head ; )
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    I would consider WDW very safe, and wouldn't worry about it. I suppose a bomb could be smuggled into the park, but your CC isn't going to be much good against that.

    Now if you're planning on going into the city, we're talking a different story.
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    Greater Orlando is as good and bad an area as any big city. My trip to the House of da Mouse was fun and the young'uns had a blast. Out and about in Orlando, I went healed. I, however, had a CCL with reprocity in Fl.
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    My first suggestion would be to get a FL permit since it's pretty easy. Disney doesn't allow firearms (for civilians) in their theme parks so you wouldn't be able to bring it there anyway though.
    If you decide to bring it, find out from the airline how to check it since different airlines may have different policies.

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    Why take a weapon into Disney? Who are you going to need to shoot? There are literally thousands of people everywhere, and they have a good security team. I have never read about any incident in a Disney theme park that needed to be handled with lethal force.

    Even if the most unlikely situation happened there, I'd be just a likely to put holes in innocent children, nuns, and someone in a wheelchair as a BG.

    The parking lots are well lit, patrolled, and you get whisked to a station near your car by a bus. To improve your safety odds, leave long before the park closes. Leave the gun locked in the car or at home.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MattInFla View Post
    Even without a permit, you can carry a loaded firearm in your vehicle in Florida. It needs to be "securely encased", which in Florida means in some sort of closed container. The glovebox counts.

    Of course, that means leaving it in the car unattended.

    Agreed. Take it with you.

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    Bonehead question for the day - where would I be able to legally and safely leave my gun if I don't take it into WDW? Can I leave it locked in my car in the parking lot?

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    You can legally leave it locked in your car in the lot.
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    Sounds like where we stayed the last time we went. I took my little safe and locked the cable to the front seat and stowed mine there while we were in the park. We didn't fly though we used our little RV to get there.

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    It IS NOT illegal to carry in Mouse Land (with a permit, of course)...they just don't like it. I have pocket carried every trip we take there. Do I need it in the Mouse House? Perhaps not, but the trip from the parking lot and back may or not be with a crowd. Stuff happens everywhere in this world...OMO
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    Folks, OP said he doesn't have a permit to carry in FL so Disney carry is moot anyway

    You should be fine keeping it in your hotel or home. Remember our castle doctrine still applies to hotel rooms or a home where you are an authorized guest. Great state, eh?

    You can also keep it in your car, provided you have something like a snap-top holster or zippered case. Do not tell any Disney personnel you have a firearm in your car (like a valet, for example), because then they won't allow you to park on property. Also, it still has to be out of view.

    As far Disney itself, Disney has one of the (if not the) largest private security teams in the world, and quite literally watches every little thing that goes on on their property. They believe in the "invisible security" approach as well, so you probably won't even notice... but rest assured, they notice you and everyone around you!

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    Short version yes last trip there some kid tried to rob me while I was pumping gas.... Note; notice I said tried.....

    If you watch the evening news in the Orlando area nightly, robbery's, rape, assault, murders, gang crimes, drugs, it is a very dangerous place, be on condition red, always drive with your doors locked and windows up,
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    If you're going to leave a gun in your car, at the very least use something like a COM safe.

    In the park, of course you'll be in one of the safest places you could possibly be, what with all their cameras and security.
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