Guy on trail in woods

Guy on trail in woods

This is a discussion on Guy on trail in woods within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This guy gave me the extreme creeps today while walking my dog. I was driving on a well-traveled road in the woods to walk my ...

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Thread: Guy on trail in woods

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    Guy on trail in woods

    This guy gave me the extreme creeps today while walking my dog.

    I was driving on a well-traveled road in the woods to walk my dog. I'm always armed with my M&Pc while walking my dog in the woods. I drove passed the public boat landing that also has a trail that I did not intend to go. Standing on the road outside the boat landing trail was a guy standing on the side of the road urinating. I drove passed him and thought that was very strange because he could have walked a few steps into the woods and not been seen. I drove .5 miles up the road to my trail.

    My trail turned about to be closed with a gate preventing entry to it. So, I headed back to the boat landing area where there is another trail next to the river.

    I parked, got my dog and headed into the woods. That guy was in the parking lot and staring at me and my dog, I thought nothing of it because I have a cute 4 month old boxer.

    I felt he was following me into the woods, so I speed up to get deeper into the woods. I'm 200 yds into the woods and I stop because I think this guy is following me. I start to wait on him; he catches up and starts talking to me- cute dog etc. In the middle of the conversation he begins to rub himself in an inappropriate manner. Now he is giving me the major creeps and I become nervous.

    Then he says he wishes there were restrooms out here, and takes a step toward the river and begins urinating right in front of me. I say have a nice day and start walking fast FURTHER into the woods. I put about 150 yds distance in between us and post up to see if he is follow us.

    Sure enough he is. He approaches me while reaching in and out of his pockets; at this point I'm full on freaked out. We start talking again and he continues to rub himself inappropriately. I have my dogs leash in my left hand and my m&p in my right hip. He gets within a foot from me with both hands in his pockets and asks me if I have a light.

    I said no, and I'm pretty sure he can tell that he is making me uncomfortable..

    Pretty much I just get by him and say later and head back to my car.

    I called the non-emergency PD number and reported the indecent exposure and told them exactly what happened. They asked me to speak to an officer and file charges for exposure. I said no, I just want to put it on record that there is a very strange man (around 50) exposing himself on the public boat landing trail.

    They sent an officer to the scene and I don’t know what happened after that.

    Point of story is that I don’t know if I could have drawn in time if he would have come at me with a knife, and also I shouldn't have gone down that trail in the first place when I saw him urinating on the road, and definitely shouldn't have gone further into the woods.

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    Whooo... you ignored your alarm bells and got lucky. Trust yourself more. You let this guy get WAY too close.
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    ya live ya learn man. Don't beat yourself up over it. Next time just be more aggressive and tell the guy in a firm voice to keep his distance. This event will leave you better prepared for the next time something happens.

    Be safe!

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    Always head for a safe area when someone makes you uncomfortable like that. Don't head away from civilization, head toward it.
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    You got lucky this time. Do better next time.

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    I would not let anyone get that close in that type of situation. Take a step back to create distance, put of the fence anong with a verbal warning. There is a tactic that I think is viable though not without dangers, in relatively close encounters, such as a knife that is brought out. A front thrust kick in the hip/waist area, with forward energy, will offer protection to your core, but there is vulnerability to your leg. With practice your draw can be incorporated into this action allowing you to bring you gun to bear and fire shots in the process. It has dangers but I don't believe as bad as allowing the knife wielder to close with you.
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    Don't beat yourself up over this experience. Chalk it up as learning.

    My critique- Why move further up the trail? Once the guy made you feel uncomfortable you should have been moving back to your vehicle. You never know what lies ahead, but you know what you just passed.
    Personal space is a must. 21 feet is too close if you feel this person may have a weapon see-

    Glad you came home to share. You know better for next time.
    Please take my posts with a grain of salt. I am frequently sleep deprived and always just on this side of "Krazy".

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    Sounds like you did everything wrong, from ignoring the first hint with his urinating on the side of the road to allowing him to approach that close. Even the call to LEOs was way too late. Next time, pay attention to what your natural instincts are telling you. They do that for a reason.
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    Also if you are not willing to press charges what happens when the next person encounters this individual? Things may not work out so well if it happens to be a woman or the guy gets bold, more aggressive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by h0kie View Post
    Point of story is that I don’t know if I could have drawn in time if he would have come at me with a knife, and also I shouldn't have gone down that trail in the first place when I saw him urinating on the road, and definitely shouldn't have gone further into the woods.
    One of the very first things I realized when I first got a CHL many years back was that our gun is a very limited tool. It may be essential at certain times but it is nonetheless very very limited. You already know that you made a couple of poor decisions by continuing in the face of the presence of this creep. Maybe your dog and gun gave you a false sense of security which quickly vanished as he got really really close.

    Guantes (post #6) gives a plausible way to react if necessary. Make space and time to draw.

    I have stated in various threads here that I have been a gun person all of my life, but came to an interest in MA only very late on in my life. One of the driving factors for this interest is the limitations of relying solely on the gun in a situation as this. Fitness and curiosity have been other reasons, but I got started out of a concern that I not rely solely on a carry weapon.

    Frankly, being a big chicken, I can't imagine myself having made some of the decisions our OP made, but then I can't say I'd ever expect someone to act as sexually aggressive to another male.

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    Lesson learned. Hopefully they caught up with him and atleast had a little talk with him.
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    You felt he was following from the parking lot and you waited on him twice?

    You where asking for trouble doing that.

    You went from a target to a target he was not threatened by at all by doing that which made him far more likely to do something.

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    yeah, I'm a friendly person. I've never had to let someone know they were too close. Something I have to work on, I don't want to come off as rude- but when he acted inappropriately I should have made it clear that I'm not OK with that and headed back to my car. I lived in urban enviroments, with people around almost all the time, my entire life and haven't had to deal with situations like this. I was shocked to say the least.

    I was in the marines for 4 years and I think I'm still in good shape. Had it come to it, with the way I handled it, my firearm would have been useless. When I get nervous like that, my guard is up 100% and I'm ready to "roll" or whatever.

    But yeah I made mistake after mistake, lessoned learned hopefully. I'm going to stay the heck out of the woods unless I have a buddy with me.

    I waited on him to see if he was following me, its a heavily wooded area and you can't tell until they are 10-12 feet away.

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    Wow you are lucky it didn't get way worse. As others said lesson learned not to forget. That dude was sinister!
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    I just can't understand why you didn't find somewhere else to walk your dog; FAR, FAR away from this guy.

    Let me ask you a question:

    "Would you have gone back to the area where this weirdo was, then leave the relative safety of your vehicle, then go off into the woods (NOT knowing what other threats may lay in wait), then let this perv get close enough to have a conversation while he played with himself,(TWICE!) "IF" you had NOT been armed?"

    It sounds to me you placed too much trust in the fact that you were carrying a firearm; and NOT enough trust in your instincts. (I don't know if you are a religious person, but IMHO you need to thank GOD for protecting you; despite your numerous mistakes.)

    Don't get me wrong. I'm am glad nothing happened. But, you should NEVER make those mistakes again. I hope your listening to others here; and learn from this experience.

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