Training For The Unexpected.. YOU CAN'T

This is a discussion on Training For The Unexpected.. YOU CAN'T within the Carry & Defensive Scenarios forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I agree with most here, you can train for the unexpected, your right also, not every single detail in everything can be accounted for, but ...

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Thread: Training For The Unexpected.. YOU CAN'T

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    I agree with most here, you can train for the unexpected, your right also, not every single detail in everything can be accounted for, but an overall general scenario training and then you improvise after that for those unexpected details. In the military, we trained for the basic scenarios that we expected to come up against for different scenarios and then we would go over how many other possibilities could pop into it.
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    I also agree that in all practicality you CAN train for the unexpected, however...

    technically the OP is right. Once you throw a scenario into your training, it is no longer unexpected. It was something considered and trained for, so it has entered the realm of conscious possibility and in the process has become 'expected'.

    In that light, the best we can do is keep training and adding new force on force scenarios to gradually reduce the number of events left unexplored and therefore "unexpected".

    Semantics? Sure, but that's ok. I enjoyed the mental exercise.
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    What this scenario needs is a little more cowbell....

    Well, figuratively, anyway... I don't know the layout of the HQ in the video... but sheesh, if it's not going to be a reception area behind bullet resistant glass... then at least a buzzer on the door (or a cowbwell) when it opens, certainly seems like it might have prevented the "unexpected" and the requisite attempt at training or it. Of course, the blast of the shotgun served the same purpose as an alarm buzzer (or a cowbell), but the difference in time (from entry to levelling the weapon) might have been enough to allow someone to shout "GUN!" and the reaction time might also have been decreased... just enough... to change the outcome completely.

    Addressing the OP... You can't train for any eventuality, true. You can probably learn to process a bit faster, after the initial "startle response."

    But, as we saw here... even those with some training and more frequency than "average joe," are going to be hard pressed to come out of such a sudden attack completely unscathed. It is survivable, though, even with the "duck and cover" "pure panic and survival" they still had weapons aimed and fired towards the enemy... and, apparently, somebody got lucky, or somebody else had the opportunity for an aimed shot.
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    I suppose

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